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Thread: Is my hunt in vain?

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    Default Is my hunt in vain?

    Hi folks, long time viewer of the gallery here finally getting around to asking a question.....

    Basically, for a long time now I've been a fan of Warhammer 40k's Sisters of Battle army, now, since GW has some kind of vendetta against them, with Matt Ward leading the charge. I don't expect them to get the revial they need anytime soon (maybe in 3-4 years time) but I've always had a personal desire for one of their units, but have not been able to do it.

    They have a model, as you may know, called Sister Repentia, which are basically Sisters who have performed a crime or misdeed and are punished for it, in their old codex, they used to have Armour Save 6+, but the models themselves wear nothing but cloth. So, I wanted to create a model more suited to the lore and rules. Now, you might find this perverted, but it's what I wanted....

    I basically wanted a naked female body, but no head or arms... That way I could put the GW model head on so people know what unit they are in game. Originally GW was supposed to be for adults, that's why the old Morathi model has her bare breasts showing, now it's covered up with metal barbing. So, basically, I wanted a naked female model, perhaps in various poses, nothing sexual, but in combat stances or standing so I can add the GW models arms on the side. The reason I want this is because the new rules for the model have removed the Armour Save (so in game terms, they are armour-less) and have been given Fleet of Foot.... They are also being punished for their deeds, so I thought the idea of them being nude was the perfect mix of both game stats and lore. Of course, going to battle with no armour and just a chain-blade is bad enough, but the indignity of not having any clothes on would add to their humiliation. Furthermore, they now have a 6++ save, which is based on their personal faith, which again would link to the lore and the no clothes.... Which is, if they are truly redeemable in the eyes of the Emperor then they will be protected no matter what, armour won't protect them, only their faith (kind of idea). I also believe this is what GW originality wanted to do to the models, along with the pennant engine, but due to age restrictions and possible legal mumbo jumbo they couldn't do it. That doesn't stop me, however.

    So, to my question, does any company do a nude female 28mm {I believe that's the 40k scale) scale model? I've looked around and while I can find nude figures they are not the right size. While I would be content with a topless model, it isn't what I really want, but it'd do. If no such model exists that is buyable, then is it possible to have some custom made? If none of this is possible, I'll just have to wait until GW redoes the army and hopefully they'll redo the models completely (and not just put them in plastic) which will be easier to make.....

    Thanks in advance, if this is in the wrong forum, I am sorry, if this is not allowed, I am also sorry, I did have a quick read around and couldn't find anything.... If I have missed something, once again, I am sorry.

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    Not completely naked, sorry

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    There are some out there, but I'm not sure how well they'd work for your purposes. Especially with the whole head and arm transplant.
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    Bronze age miniatures might have something.

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    Bleh. Thanks for the replies, might have to deal with just topless.... If those exist.

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