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    Here is my take on Hasslefree's Tiriel. For me this was an exercise in NMM, I know the area's that could be improved but like all things if I never said it was finished then I'd never move onto the next point of learning. Anyway, I'm happy with how she turned out, especially as it was my first attempt at a full colored NMM miniature.

    I hope you like her. For those of you so inclined to vote, here's a link;

    All the best and happy painting,

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    Nice, looks cold!

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    Hi Skraal,

    Love the base and overall a great job. I know where you are at on the NMM as I too am trying that as you know from my WIP thread. Your white light spots are great (Something I struggle with) but my eyes want to see more of them on some of the other edges. I usually overdo them so I'd be selective but some of the thight or stomach plates seem to be gagging for a reflective spot or two.

    The snow is reet good!

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    Great colours and overall look, love the snow but I would not of put the blood on. I reckon the red armor againts just white snow would of looked better.
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    I think the red is really nice, but the highlights too jarring. I really like the overall look however.

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    Damn, I love that mini. One of the few that shows females aren't stupid enough to go out into battle without proper armour. I hate seeing female fighters, Rangers, Paladins in bikini armour! It's just stupid. I want one of these. Great painting but I would like to see a bit more highlight on her left hand and the top of the armour's edges. I think that will help it pop a bit more. Good skills demonstrated. Stay Frosty!
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