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    Is there any intel on how the vehicles work, in-game, yet?

    From the game-play video on the KickStart, it looks like the Cop Car has 4 seats for survivors, but that's about all I know.

    I'm hoping they offer some protection from zombies, that passengers can used ranged weapons from within cars, and that you can commit vehicular-zombiecide!

    At least I would hope that they can be 'driven' - hmm... on that point, I wonder if there's a 'start-up' mechanic - presumably getting in makes noise, as I expect would driving - but what would be really cool is if you have to roll to start the vehicle, making noise on each attempt!
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    I think that depends on each scenario, since each scenario provides specific extra-rules and game-options.

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    It's been implied there's a mechanic for running zombies over with the car: minis are targeted in the same order as with ranged weapons, though I doubt "Sniper" applies.
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