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    Default Relics Nuem on a special Pre-Release plus project

    Hey guys and girls.

    Relics, the Stitchpunk tabletop wargame from Tor Gaming is about to be rocked by the arrival of the Nuem!

    The Nuem, our rather unique take on Dwarfs, are currently on a special Pre-Release ore-order plus system being run on Indiegogo.

    For the price of a Starter Set, you can bag yourself a lot more! Already, the first commander for the faction, the Specialis Pueri, has been added to the pile. Next up is the Auxilium Concursus.

    You can check out the project here:

    Make sure you check out the updates tab!! The video on the Paenitentiam will show you just how awesome the Nuem are!
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    Default Relics Nuem on a special Pre-Release plus project - Now includes all factions!!!!

    At the request of a couple of people, we have opened this up to all factions in Relics. This mean you can opt for a starter of any faction and all the stretch goals will offer options from all factions!

    Check out the main video on the main page as I talk about how now works:

    This is the ultimate way to get into Relics, we are just $700 away from the next perk when you will receive a extra unit for your force! Plus, we are now including the PDF of the full rules in all Target Busting Perks!

    So, for the price of a Starter, you get the Starter, a choice of a Specialis Pueri, Britanan Company Sergeant Major, Orcnar Niwian or Vaettir Evocatour plus the full rules in a PDF. Then if we hit the next target which is just $700 dollars away, you will also get to choose between a pack of Auxilium Concursus, Britanan Marksmen, Orcnar Grymann or Vaettir Elvspon.

    After that, who knows.....

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    We are having four pieces of art done to print on post cards to include in the swag on this project.

    They will be full colour when done, but in the mean time here are the b&w sketches for the first two. You can get these free by backing the IndieGoGo project!

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