A question about Zombicide at Gen Con
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Thread: A question about Zombicide at Gen Con

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    Default A question about Zombicide at Gen Con

    Are there any plans for CMON to host events for Zombicide? I am aware that the con occurs before the expected ship date, but only a couple of weeks.
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    Re: Ship dates - I believe they said they were going to try to get our sets shipped to us before GenCon (or maybe that was just the T-Shirts).

    Re GenCon: - I know they demo'd the game at Adepticon (I didn't go, but someone on the painting forum I frequent did), and, given how close GenCon is to the general release date, I would be not at all surprised if CMON and/or Guillotine are there demoing the game.

    In fact given the multi-cross-over nature of the game, I wouldn't be surprised if they're touting it around every 'Con they can get it to!
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