Iron Painter 8 - Round 4 - Forbidden
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Thread: Iron Painter 8 - Round 4 - Forbidden

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    Default Iron Painter 8 - Round 4 - Forbidden

    I'm quite chuffed with this one. Not the very best painted thing I've ever done, but all the brush work was done between 2.30pm on Wednesday and 7am today, so 16 and a half hours in one heavy duty session. The build was done over a few days beforehand. You can see the story behind it at the Wyrd gallery page -

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    Lovely work, I like it. Theres an awful lot going on mind you which makes it hard to find a focal point but I think it works for something this strange, the fact its so busy makes it all the more insane! Well done, and voted


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    Looks good....although the front looks better then the rear portion, the hint that something odd is going on in the back works well.
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    That's great but it's lacking a yellow employee badge with stars on

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    I started looking at it and thought, "Well, that's really well painted, and the little creature is kinda creepy I guess...", and then I saw the scene behind the door. Bravo .

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    this is superb:P a very nice scene and a hilarious theme, doesnt need to be superbly painted, even though it´s really well painted aswell=) would´ve loved it if you took the apothecary thing a bit further with some crazy vials being spilled all over. the little pictures on the wall make the scene. this for me is a 9.something simply because of the level of inspiration it spreads=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllTerrainMonkey View Post
    I started looking at it and thought, "Well, that's really well painted, and the little creature is kinda creepy I guess...", and then I saw the scene behind the door. Bravo .
    yup, me too! Madness

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    Thanks for the replies. I really wanted to create something that tells a story and evolves the impression you first get from the front of the scene once you see the reveal of the carnage behind the door. I'm glad that worked out. It's great to hear it's inspirational too. That's a massive compliment.

    I know it is a bit busy, but I tried to get a split by giving the science part and the meaty part very different colour palettes. Hopefully that helps. The front was painted at the start of the session and time got a little compacted towards the deadline, which is why elements of the back aren't necessarily quite as smooth. That's the problem with a limited timeframe and ambitious plans I guess.

    The employee badge - good grief I wish I had thought of that!

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    In just 1 iron painter round?!!?!? Whoa!!! :O
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    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    You continually churn out amazing pieces at an incredible rate.

    That's certainly Iron!

    Great job.

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    OK so that's four upright figures and how many corpses to count towards the 666?
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    As with when Legolas took out the Mumakil, it still only counts as one!

    I keep giving myself such pain by doing these complex models. Not helping my 666 target at all, although considering I'm still not quite 10% of the way to the total and it's May, things aren't looking promising anyway.

    Seems this is my highest scoring model so far on CMoN though. Hopefully the same is true in the Iron Painter judging.

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    Great reveal and very disturbing!

    I don't even want to know what's happening to that poor cow
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