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    I am not going to go nuts railing against Finecast here. All I can say is that I have painted the metal Librarian a few times, and it was far easier to deal with (and much better details) than the Finecast version. What is the most worrying is that this was one of the better Fincast minis I have gotten.

    In the future, I would rather convert some plastic or metals to make a Librarian :-)

    Anyway, I just posted him minutes ago:

    I discovered a vast horde of all sorts of minis from Infinity, Reaper, Freebooter, and many others. Those are going up on the blog in galleries in 8-10 pictures at a time. Here are a few recent posts:

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    Nice! what did you make the base out of?

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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    Looks great, as usual. I didn't expect anything less form you

    @Chuck Tommie: It's a resin base IIRC. I can't remember what brand. First thought Armorcast, then thought Micro Art Studio.
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    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    My goodness, you'd never know you had any sort of issues by the look of him!

    Your skillz (TM) are impressive!

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    Nice pj, a bit mental!

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    Up to your usual super high standard - keep painting!
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    Thanks for all the kind words! They are always appreciated, but most definitely in this case. This was one of those figures where the miniature fights you every freakin' step of the way. Had it not been a commission piece, I would have taken my heavy duty shrink wrap heat gun to it! In 2 seconds, it would have been a little pile of flaming oil. Grrr.

    It was only when I saw the pictures that I didn't think it was complete garbage. Cathy and I have come up with a name for that... we call it 'Photo Shock'. Basically, when you struggle on a piece, you might be spending twice the time of those minis that seem to paint themselves. Therefore, you are so sick of looking at all those places where you had problems, you convince yourself that it stinks.

    When you look at the pictures, you step out of that box, and into the eyes of everyone else. :-)

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