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    Just messin\'
    So what is the worst injury anyone has gotten in this hobby- and be graphic as you like.. I\'m a nurse:P:|~

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    Pewter chips in the eye... washed it out with water... nothing really. BUT i was in a shop once and had an endmill BREAK sending shards of tool steel every where, including one into my hand, needed to get fished out at urgent care and needed 4 stitches. That\'s the worst i\'ve been hurt working metal... that and the occational burn while welding:P

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    As for myself, nothing more serious than a few good gouges with a hobby knife. My buddy Charlie, though... that\'s a different story.

    Since he\'s not here on the forums, I\'ll have to relate it for you (which is really a shame, since he\'s really fantastic at telling stories).

    Anyway, he was working on putting together some tyranid model (I forget which one). Like most of us modelers, his glue of choice is Zap-a-Gap. Now, Zap is great stuff, but the bottles that it comes in are less than spectacular, and have a tendency of firmly affixing the top to the bottle. His bottle had done so, and the top was firmly glued.

    Being low on sleep (Charlie is a big club-fiend), and not thinking clearly, he did what a great number of people do when trying to open a stubborn lid: he put the bottle top in his mouth, bit down, and pulled. :o

    The lid, as expected, came free. What was not expected (though in retrospect, it really should have been) was the sudden release of pressure causing the bottle to squirt a good amount of glue--right into his mouth. Charlie says that Zap-a-Gap tastes really, really foul.

    Anyway, freaked out from this, but thinking somewhat clearer, he grabbed the bottle of debonder he had, and swished some of that around in his mouth. He said that tasted worse.

    After a quick visit to the emergency room verified that there was no permanent damage, and that he had not (thankfully) ingested any of the glue or debonder (I believe he said something to the effect of, \"That sh*t was so nasty there was no way in hell I was gonna swallow it!\"), he promptly threw that bottle of Zap away, and went to one of the local Goth clubs to wallow in his misery. ;)

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    Default injury

    Was cleaning up a figure with a scalpel, had a itch on my cheek (head not a$£%). Forgot the scalpel and stabbed myself in the face!!!!!!!!! ouch

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    If anyone asks about the scar I say I got it in Nam.

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    Well besides gluing my fingers together on several occassions, cutting my fingers and cramps in my fingers nothing spectacular really ever happened.

    It is a fingers thing though.

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    Just the usual nicks and cuts fortunately.

    Worst was probably when the Stanley knife I was using slipped and cut into the end of my thumb. Tricky place to stick a plaster.

    Having a spasm in my hand when using my scalpel meant I dropped the bloody thing point first onto my thigh. It didn\'t do much damage (a neat little puncture wound). The bruising left by the impact was quire painful though. It made my whole thigh go numb for a short while. Very strange. The most painful thing though was deciding to cover it up with a sticking plaster to stop the blood getting on my jeans (the jeans with a hole in now!). Well, applying the plaster wasn\'t a problem, but deciding that it really wasn\'t comfortable on my leg a removing it was. I never want to have any part of my body waxed!!!

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    Lots of minor cuts. I once slipped with a scalpel and impaled the top of my knee, the whole blade went right in.

    I had a great view through the hole of my jeans into the hole in my leg, it was all white and yellow, then it started pissing blood. Probably should have got stitches, but I already had my other leg in plaster, and I wasn\'t about to waste hours in accident and emergency.

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    Default Don\'t forget to look here.....


    You bloodthirsty lot:D

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    Default more interesting than bad

    I don\'t hurt myself much, but recently I was cutting away the handle of a plastic sword (with wrap around guard) for a space marine when the phone rang. I got up to answer the phone and when I was done I looked down to discover I had cut myself.
    Minor cut, didn\'t hurt, but I got a really realistic effect of blood running down the blade of the sword.

    Note, not a painting technique I recommend.

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    Default 60

    Other than a needle file to my palm, the only other thing I can think of would be when I was busy putting together a model, but a nose hair kept tickling me, so I just jabbed up there with a tweezers and yanked.

    I think I got a serious handful of the little bastards, and I am relatively sure that some were attached directely to my brain...lol

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    Default BLOOD!!! Muagh!! Ha!! Ha!!

    You wanta de blut?

    This was two years ago. I told a goth friend of mine about my misfortune of always cutting myself during conversions. She suggested I take a picture next time.
    So I did before administering first aid to myself. She was later disturbed by the sight of real blood. I thought that shouldn\'t phaze them?!


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    Default wow!

    I guess GW \'BLOOD RED\' is actually a pretty good color after all!

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    Default Dremel

    I once put a Dremel High Speed cutter through my thumb and took off a chip of finger bone.... Let me tell you super glue may not taste good but it does wonders on closing bleeding gashes in your fingers... and before someone jumps on me.. superglue was used in Vietnam and is used in hospitals today for quick stitches the stuff is not toxic, and sterile.

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    [i]Originally posted by Dark|Soul[/i.. superglue was used in Vietnam and is used in hospitals today for quick stitches the stuff is not toxic, and sterile.
    Good call Dark, probably saved yourself some oozing.
    @Valander- that\'s nasty+++ poor devil! That being said once a saw he was ok I bust a gutlollollol- my nurse buddies are still chuckling about it too. That\'s too much- I\'ll be laughing for days- thanks for the stories guys.
    @pity... more and more people have digi cams and do take fresh pics of their new wounds to show the doc when they come in- good idea if not a tad ick for some.
    Thanks for the stories- keep em comin\'lol

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    Pitynoman, my Hubby is an EMT, and an avid fan of the show trauma in the ER (I think that\'s the name) any how whenever he watches I run from the room it grosses me out so bad, your picture...pretty much the same effect, I think I will be traumatized for the rest of the day! Thanks for sharing....:|~

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    I would prefer it if pictures like that are linked with a warning and not inline.

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    Default the mini gods smile upon me...

    :D>knock on wood< so far I haven\'t done a major or minor boo-boo to my body.
    :wow: But after reading and seeing--(the sight of blood,:o thud!)--what some of you walking wounded have done, it\'s a wonder anyone still has fingers.
    I can see the tombstone now..\"RIP\" with these last words, \"Oops\"lol

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    Default Ouchee

    I must try and remember next time I sever an artery to take pictures....:D

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    Originally posted by finn17
    I must try and remember next time I sever an artery to take pictures....:D
    If I remember rightly from \"Workspace thread\" your workspace is in the toilet. Very handy for \'leakages\' no doubt.

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