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    Default Coming to Gencon Indy

    Hi all, just wanted to say I will be travelling to the USA for the first time and attending Gencon. I am pretty excited about it, I\'ll be participating in the Ace\'s speed painting and helping out with the paint and take. I know a lot of people from CMON will be attending and I really am looking forward to meeting folks and putting faces to names. If you are in the vicinity do come and say g\'day;) It should be a hoot:bouncy:
    victoria lamb

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    I can\'t believe that no one replied to this thread.

    Damn I wish I could get there, but I have it on good authority that Tammy has ordered the lottery win for tonight!. ;)

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    Default about a trip to England then?!?! You have lots of fans overhere too :D

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    Victoria, you\'ll have flocking fans, I promise you! Even if it\'s just us crew. ;)

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    what i want to know is when you\'re coming to the Uk games day, or do I have to come over there to compete against you(but mostly say hi etc...)!! tssss.... ;)lollollollollol

    @ dragonsreach: well, if that order actually comes through,. i\'ll get us a flight for the both of us...(just my luck I\'ll win it together with like 40 000 others or something)

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    Default gencon

    I\'d love to be going to UK GD. Don\'t know if I will be putting in much of a show at GD Australia this year, one of these days soon I do hope to get to an overseas GD. (checks bank balance;) )
    Perhaps next year....
    Tammy, remember If you do come to an Aussie GD you get to be subjected to our unique, much hated \"tall poppy\" rule - only 3 entries per person allowed.

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    Default eh?


    Another Slayer Sword winner I can irritate at Gencon!

    (I will be coming down from Canada for it . My first Gencon)


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    Default Victoria...

    For all of us who can\'t get to Gencon USA...would you be so kind as to post a picture of yourself on this, very popular thread..

    Then those of us who admire your work can print it out and frame it and hang it above our monitors, whilst Angela can stick it on her dartboard:D

    We\'d be so grateful...*fawn*:D

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    Originally posted by SaxonAngel

    Another Slayer Sword winner I can irritate at Gencon!

    There will be bodyguards. Large imposing dangerous bodyguards. :D

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    ummm. ok finn17,
    pic posted.

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    Default I\'ll be there!


    I will definately look you up at GenCon Indy. I\'ll be there. I should be running some demos in the Reaper area. I\'m going to try to keep it to the evenings, so I can do daytime painting activities.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come by the Reaper demo area and check us out!

    By the way, your Rescue of St. Joan is one of the most fantastic things I\'ve every seen. Congrats again on having your GD Aussie piece make the Showcase in the new Sisters Codex.


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    Hi Mel,
    see ya there:D

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    I\'ll be there, but 90% of my time will be with helping WotC with the D&D Minis and Star Wars Minis. I hope to meet a couple of you people there!

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    Originally posted by victoria
    Hi Mel,
    see ya there:D
    You probably won\'t see this, since no dobt you\'re already in route. :) Maybe you\'ll use the cybercafe and see it then.

    I\'m really looking forward to meeting you. It looks like there will be a lot of really great painters at GenCon. Should be a great weekend.

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    Default Made it to GenCon

    Well, everyone, I made it to GenCon Indy and spent most of my time split between the Paint and Take area and the Reaper Demo area. I met Victoria, Haley and Lilli Troy, plus loads of others.

    Wren stopped by and said \"Hi\" (I have your picture of Lorrielle Silverrain - PM your address and I\'ll mail it).

    A fellow named Matt dropped and showed me the Monk he\'d painted since I talked to him at Origins. I was deathly embarassed that I couldn\'t remember him, and I\'d have apologized but he took off before I had much chance to talk to him.

    I had the chance to attend one of Haley\'s classes (it was AWESOME) and even look at one of her pieces up close.

    I met a guy named Steve who beat me in the Origins Adiken Painting Contest (he was first, I was third). Steve was also teaching some classes. Another person in the P&T area was David, a Golden Demon Medalist. It was cool talking to him and listening to him instruct other painters.

    Paint and Take gave me a great chance to work on teaching basic painting. I must have explained \"sidebrushing\" 100 times over the course of the weekend.

    I don\'t know if they\'ll let me back in the Paint and Take ever again. The people I talked to stayed longer and kept coming back. Skewed there numbers for the weekend.

    I don\'t think I was totally responsible for that, though. It seemed a lot of people were trying to get in as much detail as possible and soak up as much painting instruction as they could.

    In the Reaper Demo area, I had the chance to play a big stompy dragon in the Warlord demos. Really freaked people out when the dragon started THROWING their Orcs. ORC BOWLING! Whoo-Hoo!

    I told the resident Warlord expert what I was doing, and he walked away shaking his head like, \"You\'re sick woman, SICK!\"

    All in all, I had a great weekend.

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