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    We just tested out a great static grass applicator and posted a review of it on our site. It was easy to use and the results were outstanding.

    Here is the review
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    Wow, long time for first post!

    Re. the GrassTech II the results look great but 140 bucks for a static-grass dispenser seems a bit steep to me...


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    That's got to be a record for join date to first post?
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    £3.50 for a chocolate shaker (as seen in 'Barsucks' coffee shops etc).
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    That price is... ridiculous (grass tech 2, not the shaker). It would be "business profitable" around $20 or $30 for the empty applicator. It's not hugely different from what's involved in a hot wire foam cutter (wireless). Would and is it not? Am I missing something? Even the original is only $40, which is sort of the same thing minus a cardboard tube...overpriced slightly but not offensively...reasonably within "hobby" range.

    Maybe it's targeted to professional board makers but even then, I don't notice a huge difference in the applied static grass, compared to the typical shaker application technique, some up, some down.

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    A quick check with the model rr guys and they've DIY'd one up.
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    Wow... that is not great value in comparison to my dollar store spice shaker and my wife's hair dryer. Total cost about $51 and she can also dry her hair.

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