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Thread: Why do some folks hate NMM and OSL?

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    As far as the hate/love thing on NMM vs Metallics...
    well...I don\'t dislike or like either one of \'em. I think both are a beautfiful thing if done properly. My personal preference is for NMM...I like it a little more...no rhyme or reason...just subjective personal preference. I don\'t ever penalize anyone for simple fact they use metallics.

    Now...beets. I absolutely hate beets


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    Default hmm...

    So what if someone paints a BEET using only NMM? Then do you dock them points?

    Beets aren\'t so bad.

    Asparagus is ass nasty though...lol

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    Asparagus is ass nasty though...
    No I disagree, Asparagus is nice done with butter & black pepper.
    Spinach however...........bleeeccch!

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    OMG...I love me some cabbage hands! 10s all the way ;)

    personaly I don\'t like nnm because I don\'t know how it would look on the table. I think the lightsourcing or senmm would look out of place but I LOVE OSL! So go fig.. no pun intended.

    I love MM because I have seen it on the table looking good. However if I ever wanted a cartoon mini I would consider nmm.

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    Mmh, beet, asparagus, spinach, I like all of them. But I prefer to keep almost anything of the cabbage family at arms length. Cauliflower is especially disgusting, or brussels sprouts, or sauerkraut or red cabbage....I think I\'m gonna get sick....:|~

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    Default Brussels Sprouts make me puke.....

    How can you hate a painting technique???!


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    Sprouts are foul, but the devils vegetable is celery. Do I look like I need a diet? What on earth is the point of a so called foodstuff that takes more energy to digest than you get out of it?
    What is the point of that?

    If you went to hell, it would be full of lakes of fire and fields of celery.

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    Default I like food!

    That\'s my primary problem. I like nearly ALL foods :D I am an omnivor. Okay, I agree that celery and beet aren\'t on the top of my list, but I\'ll still eat \'em. Sauerkraut? Make my own!!! Excellent stuff!! No store-bought stuff tastes even vaguely like it.

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    Default Hmmmm.....

    Originally posted by dauber22
    Sauerkraut? Make my own!!! No store-bought stuff tastes even vaguely like it.
    Is that deliberate then?

    You sure it\'s sauerkraut you\'re making;)

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    Totally off topic but what mini is that Tim Lison Dwarf? please tell me it isnt a conversion or scratch built !

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