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    Here is one of a pair of Blood slaugher Forgeworld minis.:

    As the text says, not the easiest bugger to work on!

    Here's a view of both units together:

    And another showing the bases that I made:

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    As always very nicely done, I do like your style of painting. Voted!
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    Wow, smashing stuff

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    Really clean minis. I like your reds a helluva lot! Great job. What odo you use for the base coat on the battle damage?

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    these are great I to love how you have done the red and your metals are awsome

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    top painting sir. The bases look great but take your eye off the mini somewhat.
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    I think that I used a combo of charadon granite and a reaper walnut mix for the chipped paint. The shadow edge got some black added to that mix...

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