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    I am quite stuck, I just finished an article and would like to publish it. For now I can see it, but I have a 'not published' written in red beside my name under the title. The FAQ of the article editor shows that I should be able to publish it through some menus with date settings, but they are not apparent on the article editor I have on screen (only have the title, article body and image editor menus on the right side, and the metadata editor menu on the left, this is all the menus I have). The FAQ of the editor seems to be a couple of steps ahead, but I have no way to get to these menus from where I am now. Could anyone point me to where to go to get information?


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    They enter a moderation queue, let me check.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Oh! Thank you Chern! I suspected that there was to be a check up somewhere along the line.

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