Kronkle's Project Log: 5/22/12
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Thread: Kronkle's Project Log: 5/22/12

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    Hello all. I would like to introduce myself to the community by sharing a recent completed project of mine. A custom converted Khorne Juggernaut with Lord. I've always enjoyed looking around cmon but have only recently gotten over the daunting task of feeling ok with posting my work online. It seems like a very professional community so I definitely feel more welcome here. crits and comments are welcome. img url :

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    Look's like a lovely piece, welcome to the forums!

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    Hi Kronkle and welcome.

    A very nice mini. I like the conversions and the painting is very well done. My only crits would be that my eyes are drawn to the neck section of the Juggernaught rather than the face of the Lord. Tying in with that the Face of the Juggernaught and the face of the lord seem a little flat compared to the rest of the piece. I think they just lack that final highlight level to make them pop like the neck plates do.

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    that's a great point. I'll look to adding in some more highlighting to draw the eye towards the points of interest. Thanks for the feedback

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    Well, in any case it's a gorgeous paint job. Hurrah!
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    Great work, I would like to see some close up picts
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