Looking for Girl in Bunny Suit , Toxic girl , Princess of Night (30mm)metal
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Thread: Looking for Girl in Bunny Suit , Toxic girl , Princess of Night (30mm)metal

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    Default Looking for Girl in Bunny Suit , Toxic girl , Princess of Night (30mm)metal

    hey everyone i'm looking for these three models contact me if your willing to part with these great mini's cheers *.*

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    The Nocturna one is for sale - I purchased one recently from: http://historicartminiatures.com/?page_id=561

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    Thanks but they're sold out T.T thanks tho

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    I literally got one just before Salute. That's a real shame. I had a similar problem with the Freebooter 2003 Christmas Angel - missed the availability by moments.

    I think the Nocturna one will still be the easiest one to get hold of. You could maybe ask TyronMagda if they have seen the others as I have seen the others mentioned. They and I are massive fans of Poupee Canope.

    Good luck in your quest.

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    that problem happen with another model yesterday as well lol. Must just be my luck at the moment. Thanks tho squidders for the information was helpful.

    And you say try asking TyronMagda is that someone on CMON? or something else.

    And this quest wont end till i find all three (Y)
    thanks again

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    TyronMagda is indeed a member on this forum.

    I'm very excited at the moment as I have recently posted off the Nocturna one to Fluffy (Also a CMON member) as she has kindly agreed to paint it for me.

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    Gratz on getting fluffy to paint it seen there work its above most art ive seen. Should turn out a wonderful piece.

    well well ... we're of to see the Tyron the wonderful Tyron of CMON...
    following the yellow brick road...

    mission lead XD and off i go

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    Hello and thanks for your interest!
    I think i've still one toxic and one bunny girl... i've sold them all copies i had on ebay till one month ago, but i must have a spare on my parent's house!
    I'll update you very soon!

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    Hi do you still have a spare bunny girl?

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