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    Here's a little treat! Not much more to say here....
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Excellent model.
    However I think a certain Chuck will be disappointed to see that the model has been given guns when he can destroy armies of zombies barehanded. 8-)

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    I've never before cared if miniature jeans were sculpted tight enough... but now that think about it...these are perfect!

    You might know me as Joshua "Cornbread" Harris from Kickstarter and BGG

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    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

    In memoriam - the Tearful 107, May 6th 2012

    (banner by Joshua "Cornbread" Harris (AKA: Skittlebrau))

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    Josh he looks like he's been enjoying your cornbread recipe, ol' Eagle is showing some weight in the face lol
    JokerOx? Ox? Stupid fat fingers and the keyboard it's supposed to be Oz!

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    I'm trying to think of the best way to paint a pair of jeans to make them look realistic. I never paint modern minis so I have never really tried before.
    In memoriam - the Tearful 107, May 6th 2012

    (banner by Joshua "Cornbread" Harris (AKA: Skittlebrau))

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    Here is a couple of different methods in youtube videos...first by hand, and the second by airbrush if you have one...

    Another mini was painted using a different technique...
    "Concerning the jeans on Perdita: I used Bleu Abyssal from Rackham Color as base color. It is a very dark rich preussian blue (darker und more intense than regal blue from gw, but that would be the closest of their range) and I used bleached bone or something similar to highlight that color (might have been as well a mix of fauve and jaune parchemin - somewhat darker than bleached bone with a bit more of a yellow touch in it). I didn't bother too much with very clean blending (this created parts of that slight texture to the jeans), however I didn't do any 'drybrushing' - as you mentioned it tends to lead to somewhat 'random' results, instead I painted fairly thin lines with the tip of the brush and used a second slighty wet brush to smudge the start and ending points of these lines (you can usually somewhat erase paint if it is still fairly fresh ~ 1min). However the paint below should have been left to dry for ~5 minutes"

    Here is a tutorial with step by step pictures of another method...

    And one more with a picture of the finished product:
    Thanks for all the helpful comments. I did a bit of messing around tonight and came up with something I'm quite happy with. The model is still very much a WIP but for the denim I went with an Enchanted Blue basecoat and a wash of Asurmen Blue. I then mixed up a 50/50 mix of Enchanted Blue and Astronomican Grey and highlighted using that, finally a very light drybrush of Astonomican Grey and I was done.

    Here is what I ended up with

    You might know me as Joshua "Cornbread" Harris from Kickstarter and BGG

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