Not just any adversary will do, no our heroes need a Super Evil Villain!

Time once again for another Eastern Fringe Painting Contest. With the huge success of the Eastern Fringes 1st & 2nd painting contests, it's only natural to have another. And just in time for the summer holidays.

This time we have up for grabs...

$100 Dollar gift coupon for Cool Mini Or Not!

The Nitty Gritty

* Anyone can enter as many times as they like

* Theme: "Super Evil Villain", the idea is that our heroes need an arch enemy, a villain so vile that the world screams out for a savior. A treacherous ne'er-do-well, a ruffian of sorts, a man so heinous, so criminal even Judge Dredd himself would be loath to face him one on one.

* Genre: any genre is allowed from Ancients to Sci-Fi, from Fantasy to Modern and everything in between, be as creative as you can.

* Mini's allowed: Any miniature is allowed from any company as long as it is 28mm or bigger. It should be a single miniature and the base can be of any size you like, go crazy!

* As always Conversions are allowed and encouraged.

* The Deadline for all submissions will be July 1st, 2012

For more details be sure to head over to the Eastern Fringe Forums where the Painting contest is hosted