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    Default Wolfen set for sale

    Wolfen Repentant 1
    Wolfen Repentant 2
    Grave Guardian
    Onyx the Prowler
    Wolfen with crossbow 3
    Irix the Fury

    Unopened blisters, card in english.

    125 USD for all 6 models + free shipping worldwide (registered priority airmail). No more, no less.

    If you are looking for other stuff from Rackham - just ask ;-)

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    Any Daikinee or Cynwall Elves?

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    Any Dev's? more particularly Nemetis and both master of carnages (wolfen ones, not the half elf one) and a tyrant.

    also any dirz, lions, or griffins? (if yes will inquire as to which models im looking for, i forget off hand)


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    I do also search a Master of Carnage 1, paying very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyn View Post
    I do also search a Master of Carnage 1, paying very good.
    its funny we all want the MoC 1 because the sculpt is dope as hell, even though the #2 profile is better, lol.

    I need them both and Nemetis because i have a tricky list in mind that could be fun as hell but need them to play. Will use them both with 2nd profile :P (dont like proxies)

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    got the #2 already, just searching desperatly for months for the #1 to complete my collection :S

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    I've been looking for "Irul", Daikinee Champion.
    Any chance you happen to have him for sale?

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    Unfortunately I don't have him...

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