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    Default Tell me your opinion please ^^

    Hello everyone! I'm new in this website and I'm going to introduce me with this one model.

    It's an Gnoblar Scraplauncher I painted from Games Workshop painting contest they usually do in their stores. I didn't win, another year,... another year,... XDD.

    I want to know your opinion about the oxide, colour, "ice", and every mistakes you see. Why? Because I want to learn and to be better. Thanks for your time, and I hope you like this Gnoblar artifact ^^
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    Personally for the ice I would have left it clear and had a thick layer of snow effect on top... most ice is the top few inches of water anyway, even in lakes frozen for months at a time the ice depth may only be 2 feet. The vertical blue you have created at the front of the water effect isn't working for me for the same reason.

    The painting is really nice generally but I would go for another lot of highlights throughout bringing more contrast to the overall look especially on the goblin characters. regarding the metals, I would ease off a a little on the oxidation over the wider areas and have it around areas of texture in the mini such as where the spikes are and around edges.

    I do hope this doesn't come across as negative, I like it a lot.

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    You made a pretty good go of it but squidders is right on the money with his critique. Way more highlites are required on every part of the model. The ice was an ok thought but it just doesn't work, I do have to give an atta boy for making use of the materials you had to make the ice though. Stick with the painting sir, you obviously have some considerable talent and will only improve with each new model you paint.

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    I like what you've done, echo the above sentiments.

    I'm not following what is done with the ice. I like the top of the base, it really looks like ice, but is it covering the whole of the base?

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    I like it. As said already some more snow would be fun.

    I would like to see more contrast and intensity in the colours, as well as more detail texture work on the bones and wood for stand out competitive painting.

    Competitiion must have been stiff though as this is a good effort

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    Ok, thank you all. ^^

    I think the ice has a great trouble, is not ice as you said. I try to do some ice with blister plastics and with one broken base, but it should be more transparent and with more snow over it as you said. (if I understand it correctly, i'm spanish and my english level is medium-low XD).

    I see too with your critics that I make more oxid effect than I should do, I think it's correct, probably I lost the size with this technic XD.

    Squidders, if I understand you correctly, you recomend me to make an air-bag betwen ice and water to make a diorama more realistic, it will be a nice point to other miniatures I will do ^^ thanks!

    Gnoblars and all the miniature need more highlights, I usually give them this "dark" look, but more lights are a nice idea to do, with more lights it will have a look more "clear". Thanks for this point too. ^^

    The contes was "hard", if you know what I mean, like all the contests XDD. But I'm proud of this one miniature, and now I know how to do it better ^^.

    The matterials I used to do the base was:
    -2 chariot/monster bases from Games workshop, one of theese was a broken base that I found oppening the box.
    -Some "terracota" modelling paste
    -transparent glue
    -snow effect from citadel (mixing it with transparent glue, water and cianocrylate)
    -Dark earth terrain from bases from vallejo.
    -Some artificial moss
    -plastic components from sylvain elvens
    -water effect from vallejo (hard water)
    -blister plastic
    -gloss varnish

    Thank you ^^

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