Eldar farseer guy painted for a buddy
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Thread: Eldar farseer guy painted for a buddy

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    Whoa! Been a couple months since I finished a mini. That's a long time for me. Been golfing lots this year so it's cut into my mini time. Kids, work, and wife do their part to keep me from my brushes too! Anyway my buddy challenged me to paint up one of his Eldar. He assembled the mini so it's got the finecast missing fingers and stuff as well as some mold lines I didn't bother with. I tried my best to make him a bright eye-popping mini with lots of bright blues and such. Just don't have it in me I think! Here he is...

    and a votey link for those so inclined...


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    That's a really nice job! The colors work very well - bright and striking, but still dark an moody. Very eldar. Good work on the blends too. That air bubble in the finger, though *shivers* gyaaaaah. Dang fine cast
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    It's a nice scheme and waist down it's beautiful but it just lacks a focus point. Why not make the front of the mask and eyes a different colour?

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    I agree with Sven! If that helmet was as 'glowy' as the robes, that would really pop out.

    Fantastic work on the robes and such!

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    Also agree with Sven. Great work overall but those finger bubbles grate on me

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    Yeah maybe an off white or something for the mask would've worked really well. Good point! Thanks guys.

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    Good to see your latest work Scott, lovely robes and colours, the helmet almost looks organic. I agree with the comments about his face as I does need some focus. Nice one buddy!

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