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    So I've finally figured out how to get that funny ranking code to work in my sigs! Wooo! (Thanks to some tips from Vikey in old thread)

    I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself for how far I've come along these last few years and so decided to take a look at the rankings to see where I sat in the grand scheme of things here on CMON. I noticed there are a shed load of idle accounts that haven't been used in ages, many of which have scores that are artificially inflated by time of course (ie a 9+ rating all those years ago would barely scrape an 8 these days), and wondered if there's any way we can filter these results so they only show who is currently active?

    I guess in an ideal world there will be some kind of algorithm to generate painter rankings based on the top 5 submissions within a certain date range. Kinda like the top 10 this year thing I guess... but with painters. And more than 10 would be good. :P heheh

    Or are up and coming painters forever destined to be in the shadows of the growing dust on these oldskool accounts?

    Can accounts be suspended if idle for more that say... 12months or whatever? They could be switched back on automatically when new pics are uploaded for instance. Just some thoughts anyway, and I understand that implementation is always harder that the notion.


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    Dunno. My low ranking is a bit motivating personally. If it suddenly jumped up 3000 places my head might start swelling a bit.

    Maybe have secondary ranking, such as rank of currently active? But I would still like to know where I stood among members all-time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PegaZus View Post
    Dunno. My low ranking is a bit motivating personally. If it suddenly jumped up 3000 places my head might start swelling a bit.
    Good point. Of course now you've rumbled me, and my true intentions become apparent! :P heheh

    As a firm appreciator of others work, I was somewhat disappointed when I viewed some profiles that were highly ranked. Instead of seeing some lovely eye candy I had to sift through the inactive accounts before I found the gems. On a fundamental level I found that the experience was off-putting, rather than engaging and inspiring as it should be.

    Quote Originally Posted by PegaZus View Post
    Maybe have secondary ranking, such as rank of currently active? But I would still like to know where I stood among members all-time.
    Aye, a new ranking would not necessarily need to 'overwrite' the current system. We could of course never account for the relative and subjective nature of our art over time, and the subsequently flimsy number we attach to it. Both would be good to see.
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    I dunno... if you look at the top 10 minis per year, sure 2001 is a little lower than 2011 but is mostly comprised of minis Jen Haley who is pretty awesome anyway and still painting so i'm not sure how the filter would work?

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    Neither am I! My poor little orky brain is not designed to handle the complexities of such things.

    I guess as I alluded to in my OP, even a simple yearly chart might suffice? Just take all the images from the previous year and shove them into the rank-o-meter to gain a more up to date magic number per painter?

    So as well as an all-time chart, it gives us a current one based on last years submissions. It would allow us to view artists just as we could view categories by year.

    At least I think we can view submissions by year, cant we? I'm not exactly a CMON ninja tbh.
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    Back in the old years, painting was something different - obviously. Less minis, less stuff, less experience. Today we should come and talk the old classic down? I find that really wrong. Those people indeed built this site. Now we come and rate them all down? For what purpose? Based on what logic? I know people who did the hobby and simply left it as they had no more time to do it. If their work stays preserved here, with respect, good for us beginners.

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    I think you misunderstand my idea.

    My suggestion was in addition to current overall rankings. Not to delete older accounts.

    Simply an additional filter. This makes it good for everyone.

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    This wouldn't be too hard to implement - depending on what's being kept track of in the database. You would need to add a flag to each member indicating whether if they are a "recent" user and then that could be a filter in some of the search pages. If the demand was high, I could see that being implemented, but it does require some work and testing to get that going.

    I can see your point - to see where you rank among the recent and active artists. It would be a neat feature but I would be surprised to see it implemented. On a different note, the one thing I can't stand for inflated scores and rankings is posting minis multiple times with "different angles" and whatnot. So you basically get a 9.6 mini counted twice. That's pretty cheap when you can easily make a longer pic with the couple extra shots....
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