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    My latest finished product.

    Help me out here. It's currently sitting at a 5. If people really think it's barely tabletop, at least say why.
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    Oddly enough, I think it's a photo trick that is killing you. That first picture, if you are a speed voter, looks like the mini is halfway painted and poorly done. If one scrolls down it makes more sense. The first picture looks like the shield has unpainted metal and the hair looks off, almost as if the paint was too thick. And if that is all one votes on, yeah it's going to be between 4 and 5.

    Scrolling down to the front picture would have been a better one to have up top in the montage.
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    Ah - thanks PegaZus. I was wondering if my pictures were letting me down again. Oh well. I'm not going to resubmit her. I've also been getting some cracking advice on ways she herself can be better from the wonderful folks here. So cheers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    Ah - thanks PegaZus. I was wondering if my pictures were letting me down again. Oh well. I'm not going to resubmit her. I've also been getting some cracking advice on ways she herself can be better from the wonderful folks here. So cheers!
    Hi, I gave the mini a 6 - the photo is not the best but I think you need to thin the colours more, you are getting a grainy effect. Make sure before you paint over the first layer that its bone dry, this will stop that effect.

    The base is excellent, love the moss between the brick work.
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    Since you posted it on here and are seeking that elusive +7 rating here on cmon, I figure I'll give you a couple things I see to work on in the future.

    There a few key things I see to work on. One is to spend a lot more time with prep - I can see areas in the bandages on the right arm and other spots (like the right foot, because I am nitpicky lol) that could have used more attention. Also I know you aren't using very thick paint, so I bet a few of those rough areas could have used s file or some sandpaper to really get your surface areas smooth. Trust me, spending the extra couple hours with prep really pays off when you start painting (even though prep isn't the most fun).

    With the painting I feel you have some really good colors going on, and the composition of the mini is good, but what stands out to me is to give the mini more definition. A lot of areas seems to just blur with each other and make the mini look "bland" at first glance. The best case of that is the mace hand. If you would take the shadows down a bit more in the cracks to really separate that from the handle, it would pop a bit more. And also, remember to take Dragonsreach's advice on "always turn the mini upside down." This way you can fill in all those white spots and missed areas with a dark shade of color and that will also help with creating more definition.

    And lastly, the photos aren't that great, but that's a whole skill in itself that takes a lot of practice to get down, so just keep taking pics and you'l get better. Also, are you just taking three pics and just posting those? I generally end up taking anywhere between 5-15 pics per angle (at least) to get a good one that I like.

    All in all, I think you are close to breaking that 7! Just keep practicing and posting and getting feedback and you'll get there! You know I'll be around Sunday - nothing like having a SS winner around for free advice
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    Eeek I've been referenced.

    Elly3438 and 10Ball have covered most of the important points on the figure, So I'll discuss the Base/Scenics (which is a weakness of mine).
    A few things to consider, the moulding line around the base stands out, if you can't get rid of it, use it as a line to start painting black below.

    The cobbles/paving is all the same colour, you'd be better off breaking up the colour by adding a few touches of lighter grey/beige into them. Also remember that the separation lines look better when stronger but not to the amount that they look false. A good dark brown (Vallejo Camoflage Black Brown) in the cracks puts a realistic touch there.
    The Patch of brown isn't working to me as sadly it looks painted on and not natural.
    The upright section also needs to break the plain grey. If you look at a wall (anywall will do for an example ) you'll see that there isn't a single plain 'One colour suites all' in it. Building stones weather and have colour changes as well as mould, algae and little bits of plants growing in cracks.
    I'd suggest touches of Grey mixed with Beige would lighten some stones and touches of darker grey on the bottom of the stones, leading down to a much darker grey at the bottom of the wall where it joins the ground with touches of Green on it. I'd also suggest you fill in the gap in the lower part of the archway as it does catch the eye.
    As for the Green you've put on, because it wanders around it doesn't look quite right. Algae and mosses tend to follow water courses and therefore tend to run straight down or follow the path of least resistance to the water.
    I'd also suggest losing the rat as the sculpting standard is different and eyecatching, a broken pot or bottle in the same location I think would give a better 'feel'.

    Lastly it's something I've only picked up on looking at a High Quality miniature recently, try to have the edges of the base very slightly darker than the centre or placement of your figure as it concentrates the focus and attention more.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. It's encouraging to get solid advice.
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