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    Good day, friends.
    Recently, I became interested in the effect of luminescence. This is my first work in this area, called "Summon Demon" - a sorcerer called a demon. I wanted to show the revival of demonic entities, the sparkle of lightning, roar of thunder, the shadow of the warp. Sorcerer struck his staff into the ground, a flash of lightning, and crawling to the place the appearance of a demon bursts the earth from the hole scatter pieces of matter, and there is a demon in the glow of the warp! The two character scenes are shrouded in glowing warp. That's the story. It was hard to convey the light and color in the photo. I took a different light and different backgrounds. The result of the paint and the light does not satisfy me, and so-
    I beg your comments, observations and advice on what I did wrong? I am very interested in your opinion.
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    Nice work, not sure if I like the base though - it just sort of ends..

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    I think you pulled off the effect pretty darn well!

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    I think you nailed the effect quite well. Perhaps more shades of blue and purple for the warp effect. I think it looks great. I woud add more stragetic rubble towards the back. Make it look like he tore the ground up in my humble oponion.

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    Thanks for the feedback)
    A very large problemma was with photography. Send colors and angles does not work ((I will continue to improve the experience of this work.

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    I would like to see more lighting from underneath the creature, otherwise awesome effects!

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