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Thread: Kath's GD Chicago 2012 WIP

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    I'm just so upset I can't think - I gotta get my head on straight - and everyone in my fucking home, wasting oxygen and not worth the food I buy for them is absolutely fucking useless. (except my son of course.)

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    awww hun *hugs* I know its not much but its all I can do :'( Try and have a good weekend anyway and meet all the all folks from here

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    Not sure what to say. It sounds like you're really getting frazzled by current events. Sometimes its worth taking a few minutes to just go outside, walk around the block, play with a cat (or horse) and remove yourself from reality for a moment and not come back until you feel (a tiny bit) better. Once that's done, get back on the hoss and keep at it. You're almost there, and we're all rooting for you. Good luck!
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    well the thunderstorm and lightning put the kabash on that.

    But I just had a friend bail me out. OMG - my nerves are shot. Deep breath - gotta finish painting.

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    Dont forget to breeeaathe deeply hun!

    You will make it, i believe in you
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Or from Finding Nemo "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."
    Or maybe "Just keep painting. Just keep painting. Just keep painting."

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    Painting under pressure is no fun

    Keep going
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    I'm sure you'll finish on time. I'll be crossing my fingers for you

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    Was good to meet you on Saturday! Though the day went by way too fast and all of a sudden GD was over, so I never got to see your pigment tutorial (just your dirty hands afterwards lol). Now if we had a demon lounge, where all the painters were centralized and easy to find and share ideas, that wouldn't have been a problem. Damn joooooo GW!!!!
    Anyways sorry it was a rough weekend for you, though I hope you had a good enough time regardless to want to come back!
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    Agreed. I'm sorry I only got to talk with you briefly, but Jeff and I are still talking over painting with pigments and are looking forward to picking your brain here about the pros/cons (aside from the dirty hands thing ). Looking forward to seeing these finished up!

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    While wandering around Games Day, I tried to watch for a shirt with your logo. Never did spot you. Was hoping to meet a fellow Texan in person. Due to the long line, I never did get a good look at all of the Golden Demon entries. Did you get your finished up? How did you do? I scored a silver with my fantasy regiment! Hope you had fun at the very least!

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    Hey guys! Thanks! I wrote about my Odyssey in the GW thread. Wow! It was sheer insanity!

    Bob - I was sitting by the door painting in the Open Hobby Area. I tried out those new pigments which is why I was such a mess. I am very impressed with them thus far. But these are very strong and therefore quite messy.

    There are some folks wanting me to start up a Youtube channel and I think with the pigments it might be a great idea. So we can work on tutorials with that and you guys are more than welcome to jump in with questions. That will help me decide on material to cover.

    Anyway, I made it home, going to clean up the work area and start over again.

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    Sorry about the hard go of it Kath, and i'm glad your home safe.


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    Ditto and hope you got something out of the effort. Was also glad to meet you even though it was quickly in passing.

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    I looked high and low for you at the show Kath. I spent the majority of the day in the Forgeworld Lineup and at the Golden Demon booth. My miniature didn't make the grade this time but I managed to get HM. Better than nothing. I didn't see your Griffon. Was really looking forward to seeing that pearl finish in person.

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    Good to see that you survived, Kath. I to missed seeing you, looks like you were 'hiding' in the one place that I didn't really look into as I didn't bring anything to work on. Looks like the next time I'm bringing fireworks and an airhorn, or maybe just a large funny hat. What do you say to that, next year foam cowboy hats for everyone?
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    Haha next year I'm coming like this:

    Should be hard to miss, if I don't get thrown out LOL
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    Kath I enjoyed your company at diner on Saturday . Tristan... you just need to hang at my hotel I guess. That mortal combat girl was HOT!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Empchild View Post
    Kath I enjoyed your company at diner on Saturday . Tristan... you just need to hang at my hotel I guess. That mortal combat girl was HOT!!!!
    Any Photos?

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    Only Photos I had from dinner and GD really were the ones of Todds Cake.
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