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    next sell starts in january 2013

    Hello painterfriends,

    Many of you have asked me how it`s possible to paint such precisely details as I do.
    The solution is quite simple ... Several years ago I developed a kind of miniature holder to improve the balance and precission.
    With this holder it is possible to minimize the tremor while painting or sculpting. At first glance, the holder looks a bit strange
    and you don`t know how and if the thing might help. But the enlightenment comes when you have worked with it.

    I could now convince many painters and sculptors of my tool and the feedback was 100% positive.

    The facts:

    -Comfortable handling
    -Precise painting and sculpting without to tremble, by resting your brush holding fingers on the wire bar.
    -The wire bar is rotatable around the workpiece (360 degrees)
    -Without contact: The workpiece must never be touched with the fingers

    -Suitable for painting and modellations
    -Suitable for single miniatures 28-54mm, small busts, etc.
    -Suitable for right-and left-hander
    -pinned workpieces can be fixed in the cork, miniatures on custom bases can be fixed on the ceramic base with Patafix
    -Every single miniatures-holder was made by me by hand and checked for function.
    -Wire bar can be disassembled for priming your miniature and to remove the finished work
    -Available in two versions, small for 28-32mm mini's and large for 54mm miniatures


    • Miniature holder for 28-32mm = 12 € (about 15$ or 9,60 GBP)
    • Miniature holder for 54mm miniature. = 12 €
    • additional ceramic cork base. = 6 € (about 7,50$ or 4,8 GBP)

    • special deal:
    3 miniature holder (sizes can be mixed) = 32 € (about 40$ or 25,6 GBP)


    to european union = 6 €
    U.S., Australia and all other counties = 7 €
    to Germany = 4 €

    I've made a lot of them. But once I have sold all, I write a note in this forum.

    Ordering and Payment

    Send your order to my email only:

    Please don`t forget your address, where I have to send the articles.

    You'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with all data necessary for the payment.

    Greetings, your Stephan "derwish" Rath
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    I know someone who will benefit from one of these.
    Email sent.

    Vielen Dank.
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    Great item, but to paint to your level derwish I think people will need a bit more than just this
    "we reach for the stars, forever looking to the heavens, our minds filled with wonder and the glory of the cosmic all; stretching the boundries of human knowledge and securing the solar system for the Human Species out there beyond the final frontier so one day our decendants will be as gods!
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    80% practice, 10% knowledge and... Ahh, I forgot, 10% miniature holder for sure

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    I also know someone who will benefit from these... Me!! Lol

    I shall email you later this evening to order a few


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    While I can't see this being that useful for painting, it must be brilliant for sculpting and essential for polymer clays, email being sent!

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    That's a brilliant idea. Really cool. Would you mind sharing how you came up with the idea? Were there multiple trial versions leading up to the one that you use now? I checked your site but didn't find any additional I kept getting distracted by all the other stuff you got going on over there. I'm just curious how it came to be, it's seems so simple like "why didn't I think of that" and also so strange like "why would anyone ever think of that?" at the same time, it sort of intrigues me. That's a compliment by the way.


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    In fact, there's a little story ... Maybe you can remember the swordmaster I have painted 2008. I wanted to paint a concept of ornaments on the cloak, but it didn't worked, because I was trembling too much. I was looking for a solution to prevent or minimize the trembling. With the wire bar, it has worked then wonderfully. The first miniature holder looked very confused but still had quite a similar shape. But for selling this tool, I had to fit other things ... Easy to use, nice design, sturdy, ergonomically a bit ...
    Additional information I will publish soon on my blog. There is not much, you need to know about it, but what's interesting would be, for example, how to edit the wire bar, without deforming the ring or, what you can do, when a weapon or an arm sticking out far. .. more on my blog soon

    Greetings and thank you )

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    Got mine, like it. The base is moulded around the cork so not sure how that will hold up after multiple minis. That said, for painting, I base my models on magnets so I can glue a 2p piece and swap models around easily

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    I got a couple of these, and I gotta say I am very impressed. well worth the price. They have improved my stability, and control. Also, I am not having to repair the mini where paint has rubbed off. So I say thanks, derwish, I am glad you shared these, and next time I will order more as presents for friends. My only complaint is that if you are doing one of the FW Daemons or Vermin Lords, that size mini, the 54mm holder is a bit too short. Other than that, this is a great product.

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    I will be in the market for one of both when the Jan batch arrives. If you get something earlier derwish - PM me and I can pay immediately.

    Great looking product.
    Join me as I try to place as a finalist at Golden Demon

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    I got to see this tool in action on sunday at Games Day Germany, and this tool will be my salvation. I have extremely shaky hands due to medication i take and while i use a special breathing method and hand stance to reduce my shaking, it's not completly gone... With this i might be able to reduce it to a tolerable minimum! Then i could finally dare some freehand!! I sure hope that the next batch won't wait until January. That seems so painfully long!

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    this looks amazing! pm me when in stock please!

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    I would also be interested. Thanks.

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    as far as I see it IS in stock. Date for sending them is next monday on

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