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    some time ago I started making a WIP thread about a particular sculpting commission. The feedback was excellent, and it encouraged me to make another thread, containing various projects, mostly conversions and sculpture.
    Last week I found out there's a blog section here in CMON, and started guessing wich would be a better option to keep uploading my work: to continue with the WIP thread, move to the blog, or both?
    I would really appreciate some advice from experienced users.

    Thank you!

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    I never read the blogs.
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    agreed. I don't even read my own.
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    hahaha Trys!

    Yeah, the forums are a better way to go. I tried both blogging and posting here - waaaay too much work! lol! If only I could link my blog to one of my WIP threads, that way when I updated here it would automatically update my blog. That would be cool!

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    Another non blog reader

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    Blogs? I only found out about those a month ago. Look at my join date. Yeah.

    Just plonk it in the forums, like everyone else. It works pretty well, if you just update your thread regularily and respond to the people replying to your thread nicely I guess.

    Do you feel you're not getting sufficient feedback in your thread then? You could always try asking for more.

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    A blog is a nicer option for most artists in that it holds all your work in an easy to find location but they don't seem to have the traffic like the forums. So, if you want a nice historical reference for your work, I'd suggest using both the blog and the forums, linking references between each other to get the best of both worlds. If you just want the immediate feedback, then the blog is a waste of time.

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    I agree with QM - I dont look at the blogs, myself, but they seem a nice way to store your stuff neatly.
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    Thank you so much to all of you.
    I was wondering about many of the subjects mentioned: store the process, get some traffic and feedback. In my humble experience so far, the forums are great. It's just when I see these long, endless WIP threads, I think it would be easier to find something particular in a blog format.
    I guess I could post something both in the forums and the blog (look! a "Blog this Post" Button down left!), but the idea of duplicate information within the same site doesn't seem good to me.

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    I tend to use my own blog (the one in my footer not the CMoN one) to collate all my projects and aimlessly procrastinate about my current one, including linking off to other sources etc. However WIP's are much, much better when it comes to getting feedback and following a story of a particular piece as everybody is actually involved.

    I also prefer a WIP for each project rather than one that has dozens in a single stream of conciousness.

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