Article: #1 Most funded Board Game Ever! $951,254
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    Default Article: #1 Most funded Board Game Ever! $951,254

    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Congratulations to all involved. It was truly exciting watching this from a fan of the industry, especially with the community leaders heading this project up.

    And as excited as I am for the geniune good guys, I'm even more chuffed as a backer. The amount of 'goodies' I am getting for a game I was planning on getting anyhow is just amazing.

    The incredible success is a bit of a surprise, but certainly well deserved.

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    no kidding vike. i fought the urge until the final stretch. how could i say no to 100 minis for the price of 50? especially given the excellent quality and size of some of the models (aphid-Barker!). i am fully impressed with how studio mcvey and CMON conducted themselves and rewarded their backers - many of the stretch goals were specifically requested. they even went as far as naming a model after one of the backers who was helpful! now to watch the mailbox...

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    need to get painting again soon to increase my throughput. Have zombicide to paint then 2xSedition Wars ive only ever finished one project oh my .

    Lol, But to the McVeys \o/ \o/ \o/ well done.

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