Vampire Counts - Zombies, Skeletons, Wights Races?
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Thread: Vampire Counts - Zombies, Skeletons, Wights Races?

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    Default Vampire Counts - Zombies, Skeletons, Wights Races?

    So I was thinking, why are all the zombies and skeletons and wights and things in the vampire counts undead army all humans?

    Surely if they killed a load of skaven or orcs, they would simply raise them from the dead instead. This lead me to thinking I have a crap load of models I don't use or care about any more, is there anything that says I cant convert my own zombies and wight champions?

    I did read somewhere that the reason there aren't any non-human vampires is because all the other races live for such a long time anyway/resist the magic but surely that doesn't stop them from being raised from the dead.

    Anyone got any clues. Pretty interested on this topic.


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    Screw being "legal" or not. That sounds like a cool set of minis anyway. I'd do it just for grins.
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    Yeah, I've got a ton of High Elves, Lizardmen and Orc plastics that are unpainted or semi-unpainted that are quite literally collecting dust, and I don't have the heart to throw/give them away. Could be pretty cool to breath some new life into them and start up a Vampire Army. The standard zombie set looks rubbish anyway, so with a little cutting and modelling I could probably make some awesome looking replacement zombies.

    I am however big on lore and was just wondering why this just hasn't been explored.

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    i know gw used to produce a dogs of war company - cursed company, where at least a skeleton orc and a goblin was present, a dwarf also i believe but not totally sure there. so it cant be that 'off'...

    Edit: a picture...

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    Holy crap that's cool, good shout. Yes this is epic! I think I shall start work after the weekend. Could be looking at quite the range as I've found a few Ogres and Goblins to go alongside the Orcs, Elves and Lizards.

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    personally, the only race id say no to is elves. it just doesnt feel right with zombie elves. anyway, this sounds to be a cool project Sloth.
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    well, there is clearly an elf skeleton in that cursed company regiment (2nd from the right & bottom left)....
    if it's flesh and bone, raise it!

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    There are also lots of skeleton animal heads in different army boxes that can be used for conversions. I'd imagine the reason all the zombies and skeletons are human is because that's where the VC live, around human lands, so that's what they raise from the local graveyards. Zombies can be easily made from any race, just paint it a suitable colour. If you look through all the GW lines, like Mordheim and all the other specialist games, keep an eye on ebay/craigslist for old, out of print models, you'll find quite a few examples of other skeletons and zombies and the like. The cursed company is a good start, as mentioned, but there are quite a few others from GW. A great many from other companies of course, but they may cause issue at tournaments and stores and clubs, etc.

    I figure anyone doing skeletons these days should at least have a mix of the current and old VC with some of the TK skellies and at least a set of the cursed company for a flair of interest, at the very least.

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    есть целый скавенский корабль в Dreadfleet,причем скавены там в роли нежити

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