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    Default CMKS Manager & the THI Suit

    Hey! Did anyone else notice that the THI Suit Model is only $10 (instead of the $15 projected?)

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    Yeah. I wonder what's going to happen to that last $5 haha.
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    I heard that it was an error and should still be $15. But on the bright side the Thi suit and the Aphid suit both dropped from $25 to $20 and that was not a misprint. You will still get the Thi suit and aphid in the $100 pledge but you can also add more if desired.

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    Well... I took it as good fortune and used the extra money to buy more. ^_^

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    Yea, it was stated that it was and oops. The thi suit is still 15 not 10, but the gnosis and the aphid were reduced to 20 bucks

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    Dang... I knew it was too good to be true.....

    BTW, which one is the Aphid?

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    The aphid is Barker Zosa in his power suit (the final, final, actually really final stretch goal.)
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    Ah...right. Well... that's fine. I only think I'll be needing one of those.

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    So.... when is the FINAL CMKS survey come out (so we can make corrections when I thought the the THI suits were cheaper and perhaps pick up another copy of the game @ the biohazard level)?

    Was it the end of THIS month or Next month....?

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    Yeah I was only getting one THI, added a second when I saw the lower price, just in case they decided to honor it. However I will make adjustments when this comes out. I can't wait, I really want to get my stuff locked in. So excited to play this game. Working on modding and painting a Hurley this weekend.

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    I have to many strain as it is...going to need to order more vanguard lol to even out the numbers.

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