Death Cult Assassin conversions for Adepticon 2012
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Thread: Death Cult Assassin conversions for Adepticon 2012

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    Default Death Cult Assassin conversions for Adepticon 2012

    I bellieve I posted these to the blog, but not here on CMON. These gals were done for my Grey Knights army for Adpeticon this year.

    Not only did I want to try out big units of these to see what they would do, I felt like I needed a big batch of converted minis for my army to see if I could get that Best Painted prize! :-)

    It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end, as the army did win (out of 256 entries)! Here are a few selected pictures along with some WIP images...

    The new posted image in the gallery:

    There are more images on the blog! Be sure to check out the Tomb Kings stuff... that is all headed to Games Day very soon!!! :-)

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    Excellent work! Love the green stuff cloaks. Ive been trying to figure out how to work green stuff like that, but with no luck at all. My brother has done up some DCA for his grey knight army out of some dark eldar wyches. What did these start off as?

    BTW the girl with the pig tails is an awesome look!

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    Thanks!:-) They started out as Dark Eldar wyches.

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    Very cool, give you a real sense of them bounding forward over the terrain

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    Beautiful unit! congrats on your success. Thanx for sharing.
    Join me as I try to place as a finalist at Golden Demon

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    Well, if those don't help you win an award, I don't know what would!

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    It was fun to get accustomed to painting the Dark Eldar before I have to get the whole army painted up for Adepticon next year! I am hoping to do something as unique as the Tomb Kings army with them...

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