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    I found the washes to be too thick, did not cover well and "pulled" away from areas. In comparison with GW and Army Painter Quickshades, the product is inferior. These two items may cost more per milliliter, but if the product works better, it is worth the price. I found the washes to be nothing more than thinned out paint, so if the paint is 1 part pigment and 3 parts carrier, i.e. water, where is the savings?Just purchase some paint and thin it down and a painter will get the same effect. I will say I have not been the biggest fan of GW paint now for over 12 years. I virtually quit purchasing their painting products due to their poor packaging and short shelf life. But I am a great fan of the new shades from these companies. I believe they use acrylic medium and pigments that are more transparent thus allowing the base colors to shine through. I have used Sewer water, Algae and the Blood Stain paints. Also the blood stain is too cool of a color. It needs to be a warmer color to be a blood stain.

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    I stopped purchasing washes awhile ago. Just choose a color, add some sort of flow improver or maybe GWs lahmian medium and water, and there u go-a wash, or shade, or ink, whatever you want to use it for. Experiment with it.

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    As a tabletop painter, I *really* like the Secret Weapon washes: Soft Body Black. It's a versatile wash, useful for pre-inking and blacklining as a pin-wash. I find it speeds up my painting. Posted a review on

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