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Thread: Door rules need clarifcation

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    Default Door rules need clarifcation

    According to the rules on pg. 8 regarding opening doors, locked doors can *only* be opened with an equipment piece that has the door icon in the upper corner. By this token, is that also assumed for opening doors from the inside...?

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    No need for clarification. As you said, doors can "only" be opened with the right equipment. That's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loophole Master View Post
    No need for clarification. As you said, doors can "only" be opened with the right equipment. That's it.

    Seems kinda odd that you'd need to hack or pry open a door from the inside when you could just unlock it, no?

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    I would assume if you were inside a building at an exterior door that it locked from the inside and you wouldn't need a key to unlock it.

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    Depends the door, really. If it's just a house, sometimes you can just unlock it from inside. If it's a shop, rarely (never?) are you able to unlock it.

    So I guess the way it is seems fair.

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    One might allso assume that the opening of doors, in a zombie infested world, is something more than just turning the lock.
    Removing baricades, nailed boards and other obstacles is proberly part of the action.

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    That all makes sense. Just popped into my head when I was reading the tutorial scenario and the flavor text was talking about getting out of the house to goto the neighbor's and the door out was a locked door.

    God knows when the Zombie Apocalypse finally comes I'm barricading and locking the doors.

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    I assumed the game is taking place a few weeks after the outbreak, so pretty much all doors are barricaded. And, of course, it's a game, so it's not like it needs to make real-world sense, but there's some reasoning if you need it...

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    All the doors might not be represented by door's token as well, assuming they're not to be opened nor closed. It depends on the map you display.
    Hence the advantage of the... scenario editor :-)

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    Note that the current icon is called "locked door" - as a scenario-specific object, nothing stops you from adding unlocked doors, which can be opened and closed at will and destroyed by zombies; although I currently assume unlocked doors are basically an alternative name for open doorways under the rules. Considering you can shoot any target in the next room if there's a connecting doorway at all, I'm assuming shooting through a wooden interior door is basically part of why you can never hit the right target.
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    Surely the main reason for exterior doors on buildings being 'locked', and needing to be opened with door-opening equipment, is that it provides a mechanism by which the building interior is populated with zombies.

    I think one shouldn't over-think the game mechanics, because, well, they're game mechanics. They exist to make the game fun and/or challenging, not to present an ultra-realistic simulation of the real world.
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    I agree with you on that point, just thought in my head it'd be kinda silly to sit inside your house and to get out you hack at your door instead of just unlatching it and pushing it open. :-p More dramatic to axe it to death though.

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    Only a latch style lock can be opened from the inside, there are plenty of modern doors which have key locks (those ones you have to pull the handle up to latch fully) and old style doors with simple key locks.

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