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    Default JeremieBT & FIGONE news

    You have won an invitation from!
    You, yes you!
    No, you’re not dreaming! You were selected in our prize draw and you have won an all-expenses paid visit to the brand new FIGONE site.

    Two years ago I told my parents “I’m off to tour Africa, I’ll see you later.” So, after a long period of withdrawal from figurinism I’m back in my new tent, this time with brick walls, a roof and an internet connection. Perfect conditions for plunging back into the world of miniatures, starting by getting back in the saddle with … FIGONE.

    OK, its not “real” new miniatures, but I didn’t show them before. News will arrive in September.

    PS: Don’t forget add your email on the newsletter, subscribe on facebook, Twitter and RSS.



    Dernier plaisir

    Slainnegger ( done with Jose Manuel Palomares)




    Le dé voreur

    Le voreur

    Some sceneries

    And the news of September

    Jérémie, nomad in retraining.

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    WOO HOOOOO! Welcome Back!

    Check out more of my wife's photography at:

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    Magnus lost his smile.
    ‘I no longer think of them as animals, Ahmuz, though I once did. I now think of them as the purest of us all. Incorruptible. Single-minded. The perfection of my father’s vision.’
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    ooooooooh yeah! best line of miniatures there is!
    ...keep talking
    Forever remains


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    Yes, welcome back... I think that many people were impatiently waiting for you! I am one of them!

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    *sob* Why??????

    U.S. Games Day about 1 week away and to top it off - yesterday the U.S. Dollar tanked against the Euro (although the Euro did slip some today).

    Where is layaway when I need it? *sob*

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    That Athena is awesome!

    Just realized it's 90mm and 40 Euros. Wow ...
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    So happy to see you're back!! That Africa trip looked like it was really an awesome experience
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    Hooray hooray! Jeremie is back (with more lovely models for me to spend money on that I shouldn't be spending )
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    I keep slapping my phone with my credit card, but nothing happens.

    That semi nakid Greek gal is sweet! That is soooo added to my purchases next month, 90mm and 40€ is epic!

    So another reason to focus on single minis and ditch painting armies I never use.
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    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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