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    Default NMM round 2 - advice please

    So I went at the nmm again and this time I think I ded a better job. Please let me know what you think and maybe some advice for further attempts. Thx
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    Better but take a look at this:

    Pay attention to where the light/dark contrast is. I'm struggling with it myself at the moment, so it helps to have real world sources around.
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    Ya I see what you mean, would have helped a lot if I had that lol, but I do think I'm getting the hang of it. Especially the blending/layering. I feel i have a much better feel for it. Thx for the reply, and all other comments are welcome as well.

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    Yeah, that looks nice. Like it better than the first one in terms of the direction the grads go.

    If I have time later I'll post a pic with suggestions on tweaks and where you might add the specular highlights.

    Quote Originally Posted by zeltch
    Ya I see what you mean, would have helped a lot if I had that lol...
    Hence the common advice to line up your references before you start

    Do bear in mind though, mini NMM is usually a stylised representation of metallic surface reflection, sometimes VERY stylised; very few people even attempt to paint something to truly look like the real thing. Making it look cool is the usual goal, painting something more interesting that the comparatively boring reflections you might see IRL.


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    As Einion mentioned, you're not always trying to emulate reality exactly, just something which looks like reality in people's heads. I think your blends are lovely, and the only thing you need to do is push the colours further so that the pale areas are white and the dark areas are black. Just now it's a bit too grey. You can also start mucking about with using blue-grey as a mid tone rather than straight grey, or adding rust effects and whatnot, but before that - push the contrast. That's my two cents, anway.
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    So here's one way you could go without a major revision to what's already done:

    BTW, check your focus - sharper pics definitely help in assessing stuff like this. Oh and crop FGS! We don't need the full 8-megapixel image


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