Super new and building an army (Mercs-Grundback) . . . help
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Thread: Super new and building an army (Mercs-Grundback) . . . help

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    Thumbs up Super new and building an army (Mercs-Grundback) . . . help

    So I think I'll be building a gorten grundback 'battlegroup' for my very first army. I saw that the suggested list for that caster (essentially his 'battlebox' equivalent) is gorten, a driller, and 3 gunners. To be honest, I'll be gaming very casually and was wondering something. Could I, from the suggested build, possibly get rid of one gunner and substitute the driller for a ghordson basher? That would put the pt. value at 13 (not counting the free points the caster offers to be spent on jacks) which is in the range of the other battleboxes. Apparently this game focuses a lot on synergy..? So Is the driller the better option? What do you guys think would work for a gorten battlebox equivalent?

    I'm insanely new to miniatures and wargaming and would love some experienced help in putting together a battlebox pt. range merc army. Thanks in advance!!

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    As a dwarf player for warmachine, I reccomend at least 3 guners or mix in a blaster. As for the Driller it is a cheap durable jack I would personally swap it out for a Rockram I love those jacks.

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