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    So I just posted this up, and was hoping to get some feedback, all types are welcom... thx. Here is the link:

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    Good job on the NMM. I'm not a big fan of NMM, but that was simple and effective.

    Rest of the mini, very clean and clear. Could use more contrast. Darker shadows especially.

    Though as you say on the gallery pic, it's an imperfect photo that doesnt capture the blending. That's a known thing, that it can often lose some of those subtleties.

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    What he said, the blade is superb. that said it looks like normal metallics but done in a nmm style. Photography needs work and the base needs to be finished

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    Ya I think tonight Im going to work on my photography skills as well as maybe start another mini . I was mainly using this one as a practice piece to work on my blending and some NMM. After a while I just got a little tired of painting it so it probably could have been given some more detail but I just wanted to be done with it. Thx for the comments and all other comments/critiques are welcom.

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    A good technical job on the mini. However, I think you ignored the subject matter. This is a filthy tunnel dwelling creature that does not see the light of day and has equipment that was pieced together from the detritus of battle and what it could steal from other skaven. It could have used some thought as to composition.

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