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    Hi All, Here is my latest piece "Warped By Chaos".

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    These guys are a couple of the new plastic Nurgle Plaguebearers made by Games Workshop.

    They were a lot of fun to paint as they are very detailed and have a lot of character.

    I used progressions of a light brown green colour mixed with bone and white colours for the highlights to create the flesh. I use predominantly P3 paints.

    Secret Weapon washes were then used to create the nasty fleshy areas. These can be purchased from here:


    The swamp floor was made with tons of dirt and tiny particles of roots and static grass as well as a little lichen and flock before it was base coated in a light brown and coated with many layers of Secret Weapon pigments to achieve a muddy look. I is important to create interesting nuances in colour here to add to the interest of the water so I mix in some purples and reds. The pigment is not sealed, if some becomes unsettled in the water pouring step it will only add to the realism.

    The base was done with 2 part crystal clear resin mixed with Secret Weapon sepia wash and bits of dirt and tiny roots for a murky swamp water.

    This resin was mixed vigorously to get tons of bubbles in it (normaly something you want to avoid) to atchieve the effect of a bubly, nasty body of water.

    To stop the resin running everywhere I use masking tape to create a wall to hold the resin in, (naturally I removed it later).

    A full video tutorial for these guys will be coming out soon !!!

    Big thanks to Mister Justin (from Secret Weapon Miniatures) for pointing out a great article on water effects by Mathieu Fontaine, it was very helpful in the creation of this mini.

    here is a showcase video (you get a full 3d rotation etc):


    Thanks for viewing

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    These look pretty cool............but I think they suffer from the photography. If you could light them better and balance the color cast.
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    Overall a striking presentation, I really like the base! The darkness of the setting is very nice; however, I fear watching your video that the balance of shadow and lighting are lost in higher light levels when the yellow lights up. I suspect this is why you showed darker pictures because brighter lighting might not have looked as good. That said I wouldn't mind seeing some brighter pictures to compare.
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    No critiques here, I just think they are freakin' cool! I love the colors and the creepiness.

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