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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairystef View Post
    I got mine from the Heroclix collection.
    Thanks Stef. I was also wondering what program is being used to make the new cards? I have the blank card file but the latering you guys are doing looks awesome.

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    Saw this on a website!

    Friday, March 15, 2013

    The Legion of Totenkopf

    Today we have the second half of our Tannhauser to Zombicide conversion. Z.E.D.s main enemies the Legion of Totenkopf. This group of “survivors” is designed similarly to Z.E.D. Team 6, in that they have some special equipment, double blue stating Skills (you only pick one of course), and they go through the color levels faster then standard survivors.
    Terrorist organizations have always been a problem for society, but now in the world of a zombie apocalypse they have found new power in the chaos. The Legion of Totenkopf (the death’s head) was a minor cult like organization in eastern Europe until the zombies came, and gave them not only new opportunities but legions of fearful citizens ready to join their ranks. Unfortunately, very little is known about the membership or leaders of the Totenkopf.

    But here’s what we do know.
    Their leader is known as Doctor Totenkopf, we doubt that’s his real name but we have records of his activities as old as 1900. He appears to have died early in the outbreak only to rise as one of the so called “Zombivors.” This not only makes him a real threat, but helped to solidify his cult like status as a “zombie messiah.”

    Special Skill: “Zombie lord” – During the Zombie Phase zombies must always move away from you. Even if noise or line of sight would cause zombies to move toward you, they must take an alternate route.
    A side note on “Zombie Lord” when this skill was originally conceived for use with competitive games of Zombicide, but I decided it would be best to keep it more compatible with regular co-op play. However, for those interested in pitting the forces of the Legion against Z.E.D. in a fight in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse here is how the skill was originally conceived: Zombie lord – when drawing zombie spawn cards during the Zombie phase, the Zombie lord decides where the zombies will spawn. I.e. he choses which spawn point the zombies will be placed regardless of where the standard rules say those zombies should have been placed.
    The second in command is Karl Durnitz an exceedingly tall and powerful zombivor, very little is known about his life. Although there are some arrest reports for neo-fascist activities in Germany in the late ‘90s.
    Karl has multiple instances of the skill “Roll 6: +1 die Combat” this not only provides him with multiple chances to gain that skill. But these are also cumulative: i.e. if he choses the skill twice then he’d roll TWO extra combat dice whenever he rolls a 6. As he may choose the “Roll 6: +1 die Combat” skill three times he may roll a maximum of THREE extra dice per 6 rolled. This is an extremely powerful ability, but as you should be facing a large highly active hoard things should remain balanced.
    Durnitz also carries a specially modified Borchardt C-96 he calls “Doom” it’s a very powerful gun.

    The majority of their forces consist of followers these are living humans who simply call themselves Legion, Some of them spend so much time in the presence of the undead they seem to have some sort of link to the zombie hoards.

    Every member of the Legion hopes to die in the service of Totenkopf and be reborn as the Risen Legion. The fierce warriors are already beginning to show signs of mutation.When a Legion dies and is Resurrected they become a Risen Legion.

    The Risen are “armed” with Mutated Claws… This item is a physical part of the Risen Legion may not be traded, dropped, destroyed, nor is it removed when the Risen Legion suffers a wound.

    Unlike normal survivors players may have as many duplicates of the Legion and Risen Legion in their group as they wish.
    The Legion of Totenkopf is not interested in saving everyone, but they will “gladly” help those who join their ranks, they will work with normal survivors willing to submit to the will of Totenkopf. They will not work with members of Z.E.D. whom they consider their mortal enemies.
    Happy gaming.

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    Found this too!

    Zombicide: Custom “Z.E.D. Team 6”

    Today we have a gigantic Zombicide custom characters set for both our Zombicide fans and our Tannhauser fans. (All characters are based on the Union squad from FFG’s Tannhauser (Core Set)).
    Just what is Z.E.D.?The United States Department of Zombie Eradication and Defenseor Z.E.D. for short.
    Z.E.D. was created by a secret cadre of U.S. government officials from the CIA, NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, the CDC, and the Department of Energy. It was created in response to a growing concern that the rumors of a zombie threat was real. It’s goal was to create specialized teams that could prevent minor zombie outbreaks from becoming the apocalypse. However, they we’re too late. Only a couple of response teams were operational before the end came to our world.
    Who is Z.E.D. Team 6?
    One of these teams (Z.E.D. Team 6) commanded by Major Jack Shepard, is still trying fulfill its primary mission objectives: destroy the zombie threat, establish safe havens for surviving citizens, and restore government control of the nation.
    Dashboard notes: to balance out the power of the teams starting weapons, these characters go through color levels faster then regular characters.Also note the blue level options, these function like other color levels in the sense that you only pick one of them when the game begins. However, note that you do not gain a second blue level option when playing Ultrared Mode.

    Maj. Shepherd’s second in command is Sargent Dwayne Lincoln, a tough mountain of man specializing in heavy weapons.

    The next team member is Corporal Lisa Longknife the youngest daughter in a long line of “Indian Scouts” she specializes in demolition, but is also cross-trained as a field medic.

    Next up is Private First Class, Ed Thompson, light on his feet, and an expert marksmen he’s been an indispensable team member.

    Last but not least is the teams resident pyromaniac PFC. James Edwards, he’s the kind of guy you want around when an Abomination shows up.

    Optional Rule: As the zombie hoards will be coming at hard and fast you may ease the challenge by using this rule: All members of Z.E.D. can suffer Three wounds before being eliminated.
    Well that’s the team, but Z.E.D. wasn’t just about putting together the right people is was about developing the right weapons and equipment.
    The XM-27-ZED is a specialized assault rifle designed just for anti-zombie fighting.The XM-349-ZED is a specialized heavy machine gun capable of taking out almost any zombie out there. However, it makes a hell of a lot of noise.The ZVGs are a combination night vision, infrared vision system allowing soldiers to not only see in the dark, but tell humans from zombies at a distance.TNT is an improvised explosive device, the concussive force is quite spectacular.The AN-M14 is a thermite incendiary/explosive device burns at thousands of degrees, it will burn almost any zombie to ash in seconds, but is has a far more limited range then a standard explosive device.
    These weapons become even more effective when combined with the training and expertise of the Z.E.D. Team members. But their almost as dangerous to civilians as they are to Zombies, so no one other then Z.E.D. members may use them.
    Z.E.D. only equipment is indicated by the symbol in the upper left corner.Well that’s the team, and their gear, any questions?What about Zombivors?
    A note on Zombivors: Z.E.D. considers them zombies and will take them out like any other zombie, no trying to save them, no working together. Whenever a Z.E.D. team member makes a ranged attack, Zombivors have the highest target priority, regardless of equipment or skills. The Z.E.D. team members are also given a “vaccine” which reacts with the zombie virus causing instant death, so they will never “Resurrect”. Better dead then zed.
    Well I hope you Tannhauser and Zombicide fans enjoy this custom, I tried to create a dynamic and balanced team while keeping some of the flavor of the original Tannhauser characters. I also worked hard to make the equipment match not only the figures, but also feel a little like the original TH equipment, of course it’s all been modernized.
    Happy gaming.

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    So ive been working on an idea for a character, but I cannot find a mini for it. Anyone know of a miniature wielding pans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Rand View Post
    Found this too!

    Zombicide: Custom “Z.E.D. Team 6”

    [CENTER]Just what is Z.E.D.?The United States Department of Zombie Eradication and Defenseor Z.E.D. for short.
    Sounds kinda like the FVZA:

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    Here is my Police Squad...

    BTW, I have no idea why this site shrunk them down....

    Name:  zombicide Police Officer 1-2.jpg
Views: 2442
Size:  21.5 KB

    Name:  zombicide Police Officer 2-2.jpg
Views: 2465
Size:  21.6 KB

    Name:  zombicide motor officer-ponch.jpg
Views: 2434
Size:  21.4 KB

    Name:  zombicide Riot Cop2.jpg
Views: 2457
Size:  21.4 KB

    Name:  zombicide police sgt2.jpg
Views: 2431
Size:  21.4 KB

    Name:  riot-shield.jpg
Views: 2408
Size:  11.5 KB

    Go to my site for the rules surrounding the new abilities and item AND for the properly sized cards.

    Let me know what you think!
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    Default Two Old Favorites

    HTML Code:
    <img src="TheBrat.jpg"  width="200" height="85">
    HTML Code:
    <img src="TheBraun.jpg" width="200" height="85">
    If there is any interest in these, I'll make the Zombivor versions for them this weekend.
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    Please finish C&H as Zombivors. The kid has been drawn as one many times!

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    Hey everyone new to the forums and my first post is a custom character . I have just come up with a couple of characters yesterday due to boredom, I haven't name them yet and the second character I haven't decided what to base his character on. If the skills seem over powering please give suggestions.

    Character 1 (Ninja type)

    Blue:- Starts with Katana
    Yellow:- +1 action
    Orange:- Ninja
    Red:- +1 damage with melee
    Low profile

    Blue:- Starts with Katana
    Yellow:- Slippery
    Orange:- Swoardmaster
    Red:- +1 Damage with Melee
    Toxic Immunity


    Character 2

    Blue:- Tough
    Yellow:- +1 action
    Orange:- Shove
    Hold your nose
    Red:- Born leader
    +1 Damage: combat
    +1 to dice roll: Combat

    Blue:- +1 to dice roll: Combat
    Yellow:- Shove
    Orange:- Hold your nose
    Collector [walkers]
    Red:- Bloodlust: Combat
    Is that all you’ve got?
    Reaper: Combat:

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    my daughter loves the big bang theory so i made up Character cards Name:  sheldoncard.jpg
Views: 2077
Size:  151.4 KBName:  zombicide_empty_survivoridcard.jpg
Views: 2075
Size:  152.0 KBName:  zombicide_empty_survivoridcardhoward.jpg
Views: 2037
Size:  152.8 KBName:  zombicide_empty_survivoridcardpenny.jpg
Views: 2036
Size:  155.2 KBName:  zombicide_empty_survivoridcardraj.jpg
Views: 2013
Size:  148.8 KB
    Weapon cards Name:  howardweaponcard.jpg
Views: 1976
Size:  20.1 KBName:  Leonard weapon card.jpg
Views: 1976
Size:  18.9 KBName:  raj weapon.jpg
Views: 1987
Size:  21.2 KBName:  sheldonweaponcard.jpg
Views: 1979
Size:  19.9 KB and the mission

    The Big Dead Theory
    Difficulty Medium / 4 SURVIORS / 65 Minutes

    A mission by Selina

    Pasadena has gone to the dead. Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Penny have been holed up in the Cheesecake Factory for days now. Raj gets a text from Howard, he is at his house, his Ma has turned and he is trapped in his bedroom. He needs help!!! Get armed and help rescue Howard.
    The universe depends on you!!

    Tiles needed: 1c, 5c, 6c, 7b, 5d, 5b, 5e, 1b, 2b.
    Take out spawn cards: 29, 30, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40


    · Escape the Cheese Cake Factory.
    · Find your special weapon and defeat the
    bosses in the: Cheese Cake Factory,
    Comic bookstore and grocery store.
    · Kill Howard’s Ma and rescue Howard.
    · Get back to Leonard and Sheldon’s
    apartment with everyone.


    · Each player has their own special
    weapon to find. If they find another players weapon, they have to leave it there.
    · Defeating bosses earns you 2
    experience points.
    · There are two first aid kits, one green and one
    blue, they heal your character’s wound.
    · Picking up an objective token or first aid kit cost
    an action.
    · Sheldon gets an extra equipment slot on his
    character card when he finds his weapon card.
    · Penny can search anywhere, even if there
    are zombies around or she is in the street.
    · Sheldon can’t drive the car, only Leonard
    and Penny can.
    · You can search the car more than once
    and pick up any item that you find.
    · Because Howard has locked his house,
    only Raj has the keys to open the door.
    · Whoever kills Howard’s Ma gets to control
    Howard’s character.

    Name:  bigbangmission map.jpg
Views: 2026
Size:  189.3 KBName:  bigbangtokens.JPG
Views: 1967
Size:  19.8 KB

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    Awesome Big Bang stuff. But Penny needs a weapon to "go all Nebraska on them". I would suggest a baseball bat!

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    Hey gus,

    I came up with the idea of "BUCK". A guy with big bat and small mind.

    Hope you like it.

    Name:  buck_1k.jpg
Views: 1924
Size:  332.4 KB


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    Thanks for your custom!!...Looking for the proper minis...

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    Default Adapting survivors to Zombicide

    Hi all, I'm trying to convert WF survivors (men & female) to their Zombicide versions (also zombivors)...Started planning both versions of each model...after that the cards (if I'm sharp enough!!)...I will appreciate help and tips...Cheers...

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    Default Happy Rabbit, Dusty Paige

    [EDIT Updated for mythological accuracy]

    Bombshell Miniatures' Dusty Paige, used with permission of Patrick Keith

    Ellen Stone from Reaper works too:
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    Here is a few super heroes I've been working on. I'll update this post later when I get some of the cards finished for some of them.

    Name:  Forearm Rocket Launcher.jpg
Views: 1461
Size:  11.3 KB Name:  Multiple Projectile Launcher.jpg
Views: 1468
Size:  12.0 KB Name:  Iron man Unibeam.jpg
Views: 1467
Size:  11.7 KB
    Mk. III Armor negates a wound on a 4+ and starts with Repulsor Rays
    Flight is spend 3 actions to move anywhere on the board (Must spawn entire building if entering an unspawned building.)

    I haven't made the card for his shield yet. It will negate a wound on a 4+ if equipped in hands. And can be used as a melee or ranged weapon.

    I need to make a card for his claws still, but I think will be the same as having dual wield Machetes.
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    Juliet, best used with Wanda...

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    I don't want heroic people all the time and this was a nice enough picture that looked suitable. Lets have some normal looking people as well suffer in this horrific Zombicide universe!

    If anyone wants any of these done or I can help anyone making characters, please post a link to the picture and details of what you want under skills etc.

    If there are special skills, indicate if you want a breakout panel like Juliet has in the above post.

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