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    Default CMoN refund?

    Was wondering if anyone here has experiences with refunds with CMoN?

    I ordered a bunch of stuff about 2 weeks ago, a few things were out of stock and said the money would be refunded. It has not been refunded yet. I assume they are in chaos mode with GenCon, Zombicide shipment, Sedition Wars CKPM, and now Relic Knights.

    I emailed them with no luck.

    Any help?

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    Try pming Borg or Chern Ann. If they are heavy into prep for GenCon it could take a while, but I have no doubt they WILL refund your cash as soon as they can.
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    Thank you for your help.

    Greatly appreciated.

    I'll message them after GenCon. No need to drive them nuts while on a FUN business trip.

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    I've never had any problems with the cmon shop. Refunds, replacement parts for something broken ... they've always been awesome.


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    It is a common refrain. All the problems and issues always seem to happen when the core group has an event where they're out of pocket. Have faith, the issue will be fixed.
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    OK, it has been 23 day since they were suppose to refund my money.

    Nothing yet.

    Sent 2 emails to them and they have not come in contact with me yet.

    If I don't see any sort of action from them this week, they will lose me as a customer for good.

    They can update their site and facebook page multiple times a day but cannot help a customer in a 23 day period? Really?

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    Have you pm'd borg or chern ann?

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