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    I want to make sure my understanding of "Runners" is correct. The rules mention the runners get an extra attack. I understand this to mean they have 2 actions and 1 move. So they can Attack - Attack - Move or Attack - Move - Attack. Just want to make sure this is the way everyone comprehends this. At first I understood the extra action to mean they could move or attack twice. So along with the previous combination they could also Attack - Move - Move, but after rereading the rule book I don't think that's right anymore.

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    They get an extra action, which can be a move or attack. The example doesn't show move-move, but according to GG videos they can (and will) move twice. Note that an attack-move-move would be 3 actions, not 2. It's attack OR move for all zombie actions. So they do one of the following:
    Move-Move (No survivors in either their current or next space)
    Move-Attack (Survivor in an adjacent space)
    Attack-Move (Survivor in current space who dies during that first activation. There could be zombies there to make it easier. Then the runner moves on)
    Attack-Attack (Survivor(s) are in the current space and survive the first attack get attacked again. Note, that a character with Tough will likely already have ignored the first wound, so will take one if targeted in the second round of runner attacks)

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    From the PDF Rulebook - Page 6:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zombicide PDF Rulebook
    Runner. Amped up for some reason, these guys move twice as fast as Walkers. Each Runner has two Actions while all other Zombies only have one.
    And, Page 9 (Runner boxout):

    Quote Originally Posted by Zombicide PDF Rulebook
    Runners have two Actions. After the first Action, they immediately repeat phase 1 (Attack) or, if there is nobody to attack, phase 2 (Movement).

    Example 1: At the beginning of the Zombie turn, a group of three Runners is one Zone away from a Survivor. They do their first Action. Since there is nobody they can attack in their Zone, they use one Action to move and reach the Zone where the Survivor is. The Zombies do their second Action: since they are in the same Zone as a Survivor, they attack. Each one of the three Runners inflicts one Wound to the Survivor.

    Example 2: At the beginning of a Zombie turn, a group of three Runners is in the same Zone as a Survivor. They attack him with their first Action, inflict him 3 Wounds and eliminate him. Then the Zombies must do a second Action: since there are no other Survivors in their Zone, they move once towards the noisiest Zone.
    And, remember Zombies, whatever their type either move or attack. So a Runner may do any of the following:

    Move, then move again.
    Move, then attack.
    Attack, then move.
    Attack, then attack again.

    Which one they do is determined by the presence, or absence, of Survivors in their zone at each step.
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