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    Hey all, I just finished my entry for this year's UK vehicles GD, and though I know it isn't likely to make it through the first cut I would still like to improve it however I can. Link is http://www.coolminiornot.com/312755 , and I would really appreciate some advice on what I could improve before the day. Thanks

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    I think that the greatest advice I can give you now is SHADOWS and contrast.
    The photo is showing flat colours and although the figure is mostly large smooth surfaces, it still needs shadows and highlights.
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    Thanks, I looked at some pictures of other dreads and took cues from them regarding the shading, and have now redone one shoulder and it looks a lot better now.

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    I also think the blood on your axe blade is too uniform and not very exciting. It looks more like he dipped the blade into a puddle, versus smashing it through a bunch of people.

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