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    Default Kickstarter - Dreamforge Crusader Titan

    Any body else seen this:DreamForge-Games model kit Something wicked this way comes!
    Kickstarter to get Dreamforges $400 resin titan retooled in plastic. Get a cool, possible titan for $89
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    Default Dreamforge Kickstarter

    Hi All,

    Don't know if someone has already started a similar thread but I couldn't see one so I thought I'd get it in anyway.

    Despite spending a vast amount on the Sedition Wars and Reaper Kickstarters I feel I have to try and publicise this one as well. Dreamforge Games are raising money for some mega kick-ass robots and they need our help!!

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    This is the resin version that they will be producing in plastic. And one someone (not me!!) has painted up

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    Much coolness to be had, no?

    I think this is a worthy cause and, in my own humble opinion, what kickstarter is all about, the smaller company trying to get funding for their next project.

    So please, raid the piggy bank again, re-mortgage the house or sell a kidney but go to and pledge!!

    Thanks for reading!!
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