Ok instead of making multiple thread i decided to make a general WIP with different minis in progress.
I have started to paint again since one year exactly, and i am amazed about what i achieved in such time.

I have my main goal to make a full ogres army in NMM and will keep you posted. As i read a thread about how to keep motivated, here is my way, i paint several mini together and according to mood and progress i switch from one to other. I often take new mini to give a try to a new technique i found...

So here you are, some of my projects in progress:
First of all my little new gnoblar, i was quite happy how he turned out and at the last moment thought that he deserves better than standing beside an ogre for the army. So i decided to give him a decent base. I still need to write a little text on the base.

then i started on my first wolfen from rackham, what to say, the sculpture is guiding you how to paint it. It is an impressive mini, i just love it, and spend lots of time to do the cloak. I will then do the skin.

For my niece i have started a wizard frog. She found quite ugly all the other minis i have painted but like this one quite a lot. So i decided to start it and follow the illustration of dark sword. It is my first real OSL and i am struggling for the blending of the OSL, the colors are so different but you need to blend them on a small surface.

Then i realized that i never did real TMM. I bought some mr hobby SM08 special silver paint so i wanted to give it a try on my chaos nurgle lord. I have also experimented general highlight on a black based mini with airbrushing the main color scheme highlight. And so far i really like it, it is guiding your paint job extremely well, in order to place your highlights and shadows. And let an overall underlying contrast which is quite surprising.

So here we go with the first batch. I will keep working on these mini on a frequent basis and will try to make as much pictures as possible and find time to post them.