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    I cannot get past the red on the padded shirt...gorgeous!

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    Always loved your work and no exception here, gorgeous work.

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    Boy, that chainmail sure looks realistic. The quilted red looks great too.

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    Thanks for your comment.
    It seems that the red cloth works for most of the people. I would add a bit more red to it this week end... The face needs more definition and smoother blending.
    I love the blue eyes that attracts the vision directly. The leather seems to work too.
    The beige cloth I tried something new too, having some dark blue shadows and a warm highlight...
    I have also tried to have the same highlight and shadow colors overall the whole model to bring all parts together, just changing the mid tones. This is the first time I am doing it.
    The chainmail is in NMM, and I also like it, I will add bit more definition in mid tones, it is hard because quite small but I think it will add some good effect.

    Now one big question, for people who knows the model, should I put the helmet on him or let him without? I am really shared about it... and so far I could not decide. I will try to take picture to let more people sharing their point of view.

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    Beautiful work. The base is wonderful. Very real and perfectly painted. And of course...without the helmet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boubi View Post
    Yes I love Simon miniature... I believe he was busy commissioning for some kickstarter. If you have some news, don't hesitate to post I might buy his new creations!

    Here my progress on my bust, the most productive week I had since a long long time! I have continued the cloth, started with the NMM, define the face a bit better, still need some work here...

    Might benefit from some saturated glazes. Purple in the deep shadows, red around the mid tones and highlights. Just in select areas, like his nose, recesses of his eyes, under his lip, you get the idea...

    Simon tells me he has a couple things to wrap up with the Conan Kickstarter you eluded to, then he says he will have some surprises to share with us!
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    BoF, I have already reddish and purple glaze on the face but the picture doesn't really shows it.

    Ok I have spent more time on the bust (total around 10h) and kind of "pre-finish" it, I would spend a bit more time before the photo shoot. I have based it already just to see how to position it before finalizing everything.

    What do you think?

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    How can an ugly face look so gorgeous? Without looking n the mirror...
    truly excellent work in only 10 hours, wow
    uts been a joy to watch this develop. Nothing to criticise.

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    Subscribed to the WIP
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Like his scabbard the most. The blue steel next to the leather. Very nice indeed.
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    i really dislike this bust very much, but painting is really nice for 10 hrs.

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    Awesome work mate. I really like the marine and the highlights on his robe. Popping that in my inspiration folder.

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    Voted them all
    The first chibi and the porkmonk are my favorites!
    The marine is a nice display of NMM and "textile" skills ^^
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Long time no posting, but still actively painting, here my latest mini for Malifaux 2E, Seamus!
    Name:  Seamus01.JPG
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    Name:  Seamus02.JPG
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    Enjoy! And I wish you happy painting!

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    Welcome back boubi, hows things mate?
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thank you 10!
    Everything fine so far, planning on a coming back to Europe with the family which will allow me to participate to some painting meetups and workshops, hopefully.
    Beside this still painting regularly, not really increasing in quality, but increasing in speed quite a lot. Almost finished the Arcadia Quest box for the kids!

    Next step is that I will try to make a new nice model to reach 9+ score spending more time on it, but not sure which model to pick up!

    I also followed everyone WIP during this time, and it is great to see the general evolution and David getting his 4th sword, congrats!

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    Watcha Boubi good to see you posting again. I like the purple glaze in the shadows on the trousers gives it a nice two tone on the material.
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