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    Hi all, here is my review of the new dark vengeance set.


    Looking back at assault on black reach, it's hard to imagine just how far games workshop's manufacturing process has come along. To think that for many, the contents of the black reach box offered the pinnacle of plastic kits. Now we can drool over plastic character blisters and the new Hellbrute model. Upon opening the box and having a cursory glance over the Dark Vengence sprues you begin to see the advantages of designing these kits digitally

    I'm a little disappointed with the box cover. I think I've been spoiled with epic scenes of future battles brought to us by John Blanche and GW's artistic team. The stark black background is a little sterile, but does the job. Other's enjoy this change; a stripped back utilitarian presentation.

    Once the box has been opened, the joy begins...



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    I definitely have to agree that their plastic stuff is getting pretty freakin amazing. I don't even remotely paint either of those armies but am tempted to paint them solely based on the fact that they are great minis.

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    nice review

    And a YOUTUBE channel
    Instagram and FaceBook too

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