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    Default Relic Knights Demo Day

    When: Sept. 22nd Saturday from 11am to 5pm

    Where: Gigabites Café at East Lake Shopping Center 2197 Roswell Road, Ste 101Marietta, GA 30062 with the Marshals to the right.

    Why: to get a demo of Relic Knights and learn to play it in time for the release.

    they sell samiches and smoothies too so come hungry. so who's coming?
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    Nos es Legio.

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    still coming and can't wait to demo.
    Nos es Legio.

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    I'm here now but got to leave at 2:30 to zed zule at a birthday party. Let me know if you plan on getting a demo.
    Nos es Legio.

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    So... just how did the demo day go?

    How did the game play go?

    Is this a great game (I HOPE!)?

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