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    Hi, I\'m going to be painting my new Confrontation Mira figure, and I was curious to see what otehr people use for female skin tones. I haven\'t discovered any goodies yet:bouncy:

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    I used Vallejo basic skintone 815 mixed with a speck of flat brown 984 for the basecoat. Next is basic skintone and highlighted by adding more white.

    I did this for my fianna #9639. Hope this helps.

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    The only different thing I do is add a touch of pink to the paint on the cheeks.

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    Default Skin

    THanks, both of you, it helped alot. I just finished her face (and cleavage lol) and it turned out nice. I tried using lighter skin tones and doing the highlights more subtely to achieve a more soft less weathered face.


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    I add a blue grey to my vallejo to make them less yellow and more flesh like.. Basically, women have a lighter tone than men.

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