Pyramid Head from Movie "Silent Hill" WIP
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Thread: Pyramid Head from Movie "Silent Hill" WIP

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    Default Pyramid Head from Movie "Silent Hill" WIP

    My first post from Japan with poor english

    Body: Green Stuff
    Head and Weapon: Plasticard, Plastic model parts
    Helmet in his hand: GW bitz

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    Thanks for looking!

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    ようこそ! 私の悪い日本語あります。大丈夫でsu .

    Your English was not noticeable as foreign, so don't worry about that. And if you do mess up that, nobody will really notice.

    The mini looks good so far. Keep posting pictures as you continue!

    Edit: that last character keeps killing my post, at least from my view. Trying to fix.
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    Hi! thanks for the comments.
    Last nights progress: Finish head parts.

    More comfortable viewing angle

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    Head complete and waist was made thick.
    Hands is in progress.

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    すごい! That helmet is fantastic! The sword is also exactly the correct shape. Very nice!
    (ごめんね。日本語で書きたかったけ 、ぼくの日本語は全然上手じゃない (。-_-。)

    *edit* えっ?何でも「ど」をよめない? Very odd...
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    Looking good. The helmet is indeed spot on. I started a Pyramid Head sculpt a few years back but gave up whe I lost his sword during a house move!
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    I love silent hill!!

    His head is awesome!

    Resculpting same parts is so hard.
    I often missing miniature parts, paint bottle and tools.

    Finish sculpting and start base coat.

    Name:  pyramid_head_08.jpg
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    Name:  pyramid_head_09.jpg
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    Base is LITKO plywood 40mm base.
    Right bottom lady is my another project "Botai" from video game "SIREN 2"

    Name:  pyramid_head_10.jpg
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    looking good so far. Whats the green? I dont recognise it. Is it a silent hill monstre, too? (I havent played Silent Hill since SH4:The room)
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    She is "Botai" from video game "Forbidden Siren 2".
    In English version her name is "Mother".

    She is lovely as Pyramid head
    Name:  botai1.jpg
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    Painting Skin in progress

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    Name:  pyramid_head_12.jpg
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    Excellent work! The helmet as already said is spot on! I sculpted a pyramid head too, I altered the helmet a bit though (more steampunk). We sell him on our website (with other silent hill based minis) Awesome job once again!

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    Awesome hospital beds!!!!!
    Nurses and Mutants are also great.

    Repainting Skin base color (change color hue and more contrast) and roughly paint helmet.

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    Love the forbidden siren miniature, Pyramid head is going awesome too.

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    Thanks! forbidden siren creatures are great!!

    painting skirt is almost done.

    Name:  pyramid_head_15.jpg
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    Name:  pyramid_head_16.jpg
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