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    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'll start by just clipping off the upper blade and see how it looks. I can always remove more if I decide to replace the entire head with something, but it's not so easy putting it back once I've cut it off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    I can always remove more if I decide to replace the entire head with something, but it's not so easy putting it back once I've cut it off!
    Same thing has kept me from becoming a woman for years Also I would be super ugly as a girl
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    Haha too funny

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    The knight on the previous page is incredible! Just wow. Really great to see how you approached the freehand griffin on the chest

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Well, I had an hour and a half to paint last night. I didn't want to get into the metals on the knight, as I'd like to have a nice long session to really try and work through the approach. So I picked up the Count Melenth bust and did a bit of work on him instead. That's not entirely random. I was contacted the other day by Mr Lee's Minis. They're opening up a webstore and will be carrying figures from Polaris Minor, including this bust. He wanted to use my version for the promotional image on the site. I still have some plans for adding the OSL source which will take me more time. But, I wanted to try and paint the rest of the piece so it looked finished enough for use on the site.

    Last night's painting effort focused on his jacket. If you recall previously it had just been a sketch (here's my last post showing the figure). I used Reaper's Dark Elf Skin triad along with Pure Black to refine the clothing. I'd initially planned to go pretty bright on the shine highlight, but I'm kind of liking the softer look on the coat. I'd like to bring up the lights a bit more, but I think I'll keep it limited.
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    Another area I want to address is the hair. I had done a rough sketch a while back and, since then, refined some of it but not all. The look isn't quite working for me. I'm not sure if I should cut back on the extent of the near-white shine or maybe just dull it down (so the shine is closer to a light grey and has a softer look like the coat). Or perhaps it's just the placement... Well, I'm going to give it some more thought and hopefully come up with something this week.

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    Nice one Bailey, very cool to have your version selected. you are very skilled. I like the style you going on there with him too.

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    that looks great. you have achieved a really nice glow in the hi lights . the veins a re nice touch to, very real looking . nice job.

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    That is some cool recognition Bailey. BTW I like the white highlights in the hair as it seems to fit with the over the top nature of this mini.

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    Kyle is a good dude. Clearly he has good taste in artists!
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    Very nice, I like how the clothing and hair frame and bring attention to the face. This is beautifully painted, love the veins.

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    I'm glad your doing the vampire bust again it seems like a hard slog but it will be great when you have finished it. I would knock back the white highlights to a pale grey and extend them a bit further into the midtone region IMHO its a bit too shiny at the moment I think. I like the soft highlights on the jacket gives it a pleasant finish.

    What are you doing with the scars? Leaving them as they are or more colour in there?
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    Really happy to see you back on this. I'm following with interest.
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    Thanks, everyone!

    Andy, yeah, I think I'll have to give that a try. I also think I need to tweak the placement a bit as the main light source is off center. Regarding the scars, I'm still undecided on what to do there. When I painted the face, I mostly ignored them and planned to come back later. They're a bit weird as they're open scratches and not healed over scars. I figure he's undead, so maybe stuff like that doesn't heal. But I don't want to make them fresh wounds and have blood or anything. Maybe I'll try filling them in with paint to make them look like more shallow scratches rather than the deep gashes they appear to be now. I'll probably use some glazes around the edges to show some sort of response from the skin... just not sure what, maybe a bit of purple or blue.

    As usual, there's a certain portion of the piece I have planned out and then there are areas that I just make up as I go. Clearly those scars/scratches are the latter. ;P

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    I quite like the hair as it is. The sharper lights make the hair appear shiny, which breaks off nicely against the other more soft surfaces.

    If it was me who painted this, I'd do the scars dark red and not do much, or any, bruising around them. As he is undead I think bruising would look out of place. Of course, on the darker side of the face, with the cold blue light, the colour of the scars would be different as well. Darker, and less red.
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    Here's another update on the bust. I revised the hair by repositioning the highlights and knocking the brightness down a bit. I'm not sure I'm truly done with the hair, but I'm happier with it than I was before. I also took the shine highlight on his coat a bit brighter. And, though not really shown here, I played around with the OSL on the right side of his coat and hair. Just sketching on the lights, but now for the new location where I plan to put the source (up closer to his face and not completely below the bust. I'm going to need to redo the OSL on his shirt too, but I'm going to wait on that until I have the exact location of the source.
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    So people have been doing this black and white challenge on facebook. It's a general thing going around (not just miniatures), but it is interesting to apply it to the pieces you paint. Gives you a different look at how effective the light/dark contrast is and where the light is taking the focus. And of course it can be informative for OSL pieces. One issue I think people have when painting OSL for the first time is it looks more like the piece just has blue (or red, green, etc) color on it rather than actual light. I think the main reason for this is people use color, but fail to make it brighter than it would be otherwise. You're painting light. So it's not just about changing the color, but changing the color and making the region brighter. An easy way to see this is by switching to black and white. There's no color, just light and dark. So you can easily see if you're creating the impression of light.
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    I used that trick the other day and found my mid and shadow colors to have the same value! Lol.
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    Nice and good tip to use black and white photos.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    I'm happy with where the Count bust is. I still need to address the scars/scratches and the OSL on his jacket/hair... but I'll get to those later. In the meantime, I've been looking at some other work in progress pieces that I've left alone for too long. So this weekend I get back to my pirate scene. I'd recently picked up some more of the Secret Weapon weathering acrylics. I'd bought the first half of the paints a couple years ago at Adepticon, but he's come out with some more since then. I was at a hobby store and saw the new verdigris colors and got them immediately.

    I was the pirate pieces to be sufficiently weathered, so I started playing around with the verdigris colors on the sword handle of the dwarf. He'll be getting more weathering on other areas, but for now I just wanted to test out the verdigris paints.
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    From there, I switched over the rust set and worked on Redghar's anchor.
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    Here's a close up of that anchor
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    I also painted one of Reghar's belt buckles and put a little bit of verdigris there (no need to over do it). Gonna keep working on the metallic sections for him and continue to add some weathering as I go.

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