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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyG View Post
    Ritual in the spirit of debate I would say yes light does reflect differently off a smooth rounded woman’s body as opposed to a more craggy ridged male body. The more pronounced musculature on a man is going to create more extreme highlights and conversely deeper shadows. So while it’s true that light reflects the same after all its human skin whether male or female I would say very definitely that the level of contrast is greater on your ripped male barbarian as opposed to a smoother female form .
    In my mind those points have more to do with the sculpting. When you paint, you paint the sculpt you've got in front of you. Of course you don't paint ripped musculature where there is none sculpted. But the contrast between the highlights and the shadows I would not handle differently. Under the chin, for instance, the shadow needs to be just as deep as on a bulky barbarian. And on exposed areas the highlights need to be just as bright.

    Furthermore, if a sculptor actually did sculpt a woman with muscles (they do exist) or other more defined features, I would paint them as I would if it was a male figure.
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    Very interesting discussion indeed!!! My level of skill for painting skin tones (or anything for that matter) doesn’t grant me much grounds to express an opinion in this discussion, however I do feel (as an avid observer), with the physique of the sculpt and the nature of the character it is more than warranting to represent the tone in a similar fashion to that of a male warrior. To me it seems the skin has a light enough mid to highlight tone to be portrayed as feminine, yet the deep contrast refines the physical strength and rugged nature of the skin, that this character would possess.
    Personally I feel the skin tone is near on perfection To represent the character, and as per usual your applications is phenomenal... well done!!!

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    Yeah, thank you all for the comments and opinions. It's very interesting to see different people's reaction to the style done on this piece. A couple comments of my own...

    Regarding contrast on female figures: As I was trying to say earlier, overall contrast would not change. So how dark the shadows are under the chin would be the same for a female or a male, same with under the arms. But, for a female I try for softer transitions and give other features (especially the fine features in the face) a softer look with less extreme contrast. I'd do the same for a figure of a child. In this case, because I felt the subject would be more amazon-like, I intentionally played up the musculature more than I would for other female figures.

    MAXXxxx: yeah, I plan to revise the left hip too (along with the right knee). I sent my client the images and he was pleased with them. But, given the current discussion, I just emailed him again to specifically ask his opinion on the stomach. Depending on the response, I'll either leave them as is, make them more subtle, or remove the abs entirely and leave it as a flat stomach.

    Shrinekeeper: Thanks! As MAXXxxx said, pretty much everything you see is traditional brush work. I've got an airbrush, but am still very much a novice with it. I've used it to do some early work on a few bases, but definitely don't have the skill yet to make use of it on my figures.

    And again, thank you all for your feedback and opinions! It's always helpful to step back and re-evaluate my work and choices.

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    I am slow to respond, but I love the pattern you came up with on the orcs knee patch.

    As for male versus female highlighting....i had to laugh at the defined musculature comment looking at my big fat keg of a belly. But then again all the hair prevents it from being smoooth!

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    Painting male skin usually has slighty darker contrast because of the deeper muscle tone etc.
    Of course there's no set rules so it's down to the painter.

    Bailey great painting as always. The shadows / contrast are deeper / harsh than I would go, it gives the impression of a very sculpted toned body.
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    Thanks Krule and 10!

    Well, the verdict is in... I proposed three options to the client:
    (1) Keep abs as they are
    (2) Keep abs, but make shading more subtle
    (3) Remove abs and just have a flat stomach

    Client's response "I like my female warriors to look like they could kick my ass! I definitely vote number 1."

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    Some minor changes to the skin along with painting the hands and feet. Up next I'll start on the clothing... that shouldn't take too long. :P

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    The knee is definitely looking a lot more natural now, you’ve adjusted it really well. Skin tones and blending are expert as ever.

    I have my opinions regarding the muscle, based more on the body type the sculpt has than anything. But it’s a matter of personal taste and I certainly can’t fault the client for what they want. After all, it’s a fantasy sculpt wearing a blindfold, leather straps, a cape and massive heels, who am I to judge.

    Top work Bails

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    Baily is technically the best at every technique - flawless best in the industry as far as I’m concerned. Bails your amazing brother. Your quite a talented human being my man. She’s beautiful so natural.

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    Ha, thank you but I'm not sure about all of that! I've gotten to a point where I'm pretty happy with my layering approach with a side of stippling and glazing. But plenty of other techniques out there I still need to learn. My process works for me, but it's frickin slow. One of these days I need to devote some serious time to learning wet blending or loaded brush or how to stop being a newb with my airbrush. I'd love to have a couple options to speed the process up on some projects.

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    oh man once I'm home I will have to go through the last 2-3pages so much to see and the phone screen is not good enough to view such videos.

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    I agree with canny I gotta go back a lot to admire all this , beautiful work Bails..
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    She's nice and glowy but those abs? not sure. I mean maybe she's like "ERY DAY IS AB DAY!" bit i find it's drawing me into her belly area, not that there is much face detail tho lol!
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    agree on the abs, but other then that the flesh tones and contrast look spot on to me. very nice blending and light placement

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    Thanks, all! And I hope you enjoy the videos. If all goes well, there will be more in the near future!

    The work on the White Speaker has been moving along at a good pace. The main figure is just about done, so now I'll be turning my attention to the base. When that is done, there will be a few more touches to the figure. But I hope to have this all wrapped up by the end of the week.

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    Fantastic work... looking really nice now, I would say the customer is going to be very pleased...

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    Looking great Bails. Very impressive work on an excellent miniature.

    The muscle definition you’ve put on the legs is brilliant

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    Best ever!!!! )))how thehell did the second one come out better than the “perfect version” of the first!!!

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    Thanks, guys! Haha, BAM, well it's been about 5 years since I did the 54mm one (she shows up on the very first page of this WIP thread!!!!). Sure this one is half the size... but I've learned a few things since then.

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